BLNews EXCLUSIVE: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Failing (Trailer) – Dr. Peter McCullough

Watch our interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a world leader on Covid-19 infection and treatment, as he and Dr. Emad Guirguis cover Covid-19 treatments, vaccines, adverse events and more…

Coming soon!

2 thoughts on “BLNews EXCLUSIVE: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Failing (Trailer) – Dr. Peter McCullough”

  1. How stupid do think we are? This is The Haloucost all over again! Why are you trying to control us. You are a menace to the world. I have the right to choose to not get the gene therapy shot. Why are you trying to punish the people with brains who choose not to believe this scamdemic. I know a health care worker and one floor of the facility had an outbreak of, not the virus, but the side effects of the so called “vaccine “. Shame on all of you. You may not pay now but you will in the end when you meet your maker. Remember Him? His name is GOD!!!

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