[INTERVIEW] mRNA Vaccines Are Destroying Mankind, It’s Our Duty to Bring People Together Again -Dr Sucharit Bhakdi



[Vienna, Austria] “Mankind is being destroyed.” -Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

These are the sobering words and plea to mankind from world-renowned Virologist and Professor of Microbiology Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, addressing the gene-based Covid-19 “vaccines.” Through “mind control,” elite psychopaths with the aid of global marionettes instilled the fear of Covid-19 to play out a meticulous plan, decades in the making, to make dangerous mRNA vaccines the replacement for all existing vaccines.

Join us as Dr. Bhakdi details the horrific immunologic mechanism of vaccine injuries, resulting in images of vaccine-damaged tissues not found in pathology textbooks; and, as importantly, Dr. Bhakdi reveals the source of his resiliency that left many audience members in his Better Way Conference speech in Vienna in tears, touched by inspiration and hope.

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Dr. Bhakdi’s speech from Vienna can be found in its entirety here LINK TO PANEL DISCUSSION AVAILABLE (51:00) -scroll all the way down to “Better Way Conference” on Sept. 17 and select the first video.

8 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] mRNA Vaccines Are Destroying Mankind, It’s Our Duty to Bring People Together Again -Dr Sucharit Bhakdi”

  1. mRNA-Baupläne von Viren-Proteinen kann man nicht einfach für jeden Zelltyp im Menschen anwenden. Mit dem nicht für Menschen zugelassenen Transfektionsmittel ist das aber der Fall. Jeder Zelltyp hat andere tRNA-Sets zur Ablesung der zelleigenen mRNA-Transkripte. Seltene Codons in den menschlichen mRNA-Transkripten sind genauso wichtig wie häufig vorkommende Codons. Damit werden genau die richtigen Faltungen im Protein von der Natur aus gefaltet.
    Wer glaubt den Gott spielen zu können und ein fremdes toxisches Protein vom Menschen selber toxisch herstellen zu können mit all seinen Umschreibungen auf GC-reiche Basen und menschlichen Modifizierungen, der ist spätestens jetzt zur Verantwortung zu ziehen für das Massensterben (Übersterblichkeit) über einen größeren Zeitraum. Die mRNA-Impfung muss weltweit verboten werden. Ebenso die mRNA-Impfungen an Nutztieren.

  2. Yes, we are in a terrible state, losing friends and many doctors and nurses from the jabs.
    And still 3/4 of the world believe in the mainstream media.
    I tried to donate but it was blocked re donation.

    1. You can find it in the bible, in John 10:10, Ephesians 6:12 plus, in Revelation 6 and many more places in the good book.

    2. mRNA injections are designed to kill off humanity and those that survive become artificial intelligence entities. Their DNA has been altered and are being transformed -no longer human.
      This is Apocalypse Now.
      Karen Kingston and many doctors and researchers discuss on Stew Peters show and/or Dr. Jane Ruby’s show.

    3. Much of the evidence points to the Great Reset, technofascist authoritarian rule via a social credit system run through digital ID and digital cash (CBDC).

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