If You Got the Covid Shot And Aren’t Injured, This May Be Why -Dr. Ryan Cole, MD

[Vienna, Austria] Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, explains why many vaccinated were lucky not to get injured by the dangerous Covid-19 mRNA shots during a panel discussion at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, September 17, 2022.

Dr. Cole’s explanation came during a stellar panel discussion with other pathologists Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi, Arne Burkhardt and Andreas Sönnichsen, all speaking on the topic of Covid-19 “vaccine” injuries. Each participant gave an individual presentation before the panel discussion.

LINK TO PANEL DISCUSSION AVAILABLE HERE (1:50:00) -scroll down to “Better Way Conference” first video.

Dr. Cole’s retweet of the video.

16 thoughts on “If You Got the Covid Shot And Aren’t Injured, This May Be Why -Dr. Ryan Cole, MD”

  1. No such thing as no injury from any jabs; just injuries that haven’t been noticed. And for those unconscious and psychotic enough to take any jabs in the first place, they were obviously not in touch with their body, nor their critical thinking faculties. And I say that most to those folks are still in such a condition, by evidence that so few have noticed in their own body what I can see from a distance.

  2. As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I applaud you for not taking the shot. I can also tell you without a doubt that the body heals itself! You just need a natural Practitioner, such as myself or anyone well versed in the natural healing field, to guide you. Your body just needs the right support, not lifelong medications.

  3. Cannot believe how few good Doctors speaking out against the injuries of this toxic poisen. It is just a crime.

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  5. More so then that, its CALLED PLACEBO!! I cant believe he doesn’t tell people that 50% or more of any substance, in any medical study is…. PLACEBO!! So that means that over half the people on the planet were given Normal Saline (salt water) or Lactated Ringers (sugar/salt water)… THIS IS THE BIGGEST REASON! ***Although, I know why he doesn’t mention this…because then he’d be blowing the whistle that this WAS and REMAINS a Medical Study with many factors involved.

    1. The only people that got saline were world leaders in the know about how deadly this vaccine was like for instance Justin Trudeau. The real placebo were the unvaccinated.

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  7. We need so many more influential persons in medical, media and political positions to stand for the truth. I too am truly grateful for all those who will take a stand against tyranny. The truth side is rapidly growing and we will win in the end.

  8. I give credit to Gab for keeping me from getting the jab. I have just about every possible pre-existing condition needed to die from the jab. The amount of information that has been posted on Gab gave me everything I needed to know to say no to my doctor and anyone else who might have asked me to. I was even in the Hospital for a week during 2021.

    They asked me if I wanted the jab and I very proudly say no again. They didn’t turn me away because I would have died. They wanted to give me a blood thinner to start taking and I said no to that. I don’t know that I will ever again trust any big pharma, the CDC, FDA, NIH or any of the rest.

    They got this so wrong it causes me to wonder about the other 15 daily medications that I take and should I be taking them. I talked with my doctor, and we went over each of them and determined that it would be not in my best interests to stop taking any of them.

    I’m still worried to some degree about what I already take. The fact is that I rarely wore a mask or social distanced and I still never got Covid, which is just a normal flu, it’s the supposed Vaccine that’s the killer.

    A lot of doctors were ostracized and lost their businesses and many more horrible things because they came out with the truth about the jab. These so-called vaccines were designed to kill and at the very least cause lifelong disabilities. I’m sure that a lot of people wouldn’t want to admit that but there’s a lot more going on than just a mistake with the vaccines.

    Anyway, I also would like to thank all of the doctors and first line defenders and all of the hero’s that turned up those days.

    1. Sheryl, Thank you for sharing your story. I am so thankful for all of those who sounded the alarm with this jab. If you want to work towards recovering your health and getting rid of some of the pharmaceuticals, I would reach out to a local naturopath, herbalist, homeopath, etc. There are many ways of healing the body naturally.. pharmaceuticals can be helpful but they don’t heal, they only mask symptoms (and often cause more problems that require more pharmaceuticals, which can just go on and on…). Natural healing can be done, but does often take time and some dedication. I am wishing you the best!

  9. All of you brave doctors are my heroes. Thank you thank you thank you for defending us in the face of such brain-bending horror. We appreciate and support you.

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