Better Way Conference Recap in Vienna, Austria (Sept. 15-18, 2022)

Join us for this recap of the incredibly important Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, showcasing the vital independent media journalists, doctors, scientists, legal experts and activists from around the world.

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2 thoughts on “Better Way Conference Recap in Vienna, Austria (Sept. 15-18, 2022)”

  1. Independent researchers across the globe have verified graphene oxide in these shots many,many,many times.
    The impregnation of AI/nanobot technology into the human race is a done deal. Over five billion people have been injected.
    The AI Agenda is in full motion. The medical community have yet to even acknowledge these facts.

  2. It seems many medical experts are still trying to rationalize why the establishment pushed an “experimental”, ineffective, and dangerous “vaccine”. It’ll be nice when they catch up with the rest of us who have seen the big picture for some time. There is nothing experimental about their drug.

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