[INTERVIEW] Awakening From A Dystopian Nightmare -Drs. Pierre Kory & Jessica Rose

On a bustling afternoon at Better Way Conference 2023 in Bath, England, held by the World Council for Health, Drs. Jessica Rose and Pierre Kory took respite for a conversation on the nightmarish control of the global population accelerated through Covid-19 propaganda and censorship, spearheaded by federal agencies around the world to persecute dissident voices bearing scientific data contrary to the official narrative.

“This is about getting everyone in line” observed Dr. Rose, a computational biologist (substack 1, substack 2), before bleakly warning, “You won’t have any power to control what’s going into your body, what’s going into your kids’ bodies, where you can move…”

Dr. Kory, pulmonary and ICU specialist, confirmed that many awakened to the complete capture and corruption of regulatory bodies to corporate forces during the planned “pandemic,” including himself. He now sees the challenge and importance in awakening others to this totalitarian agenda, “You have to convince someone to not trust the authorities and question [them.]”

Join us for this hopeful conversation on proposed solutions and a path to awakening others from a dystopian nightmare.

Drs. Robert and Jill Malone will expose propaganda and censorship techniques aimed at controlling the global masses at this special event, Sept. 20th in person and by livestream.
Ireland’s hate speech bill threatening jail and/or a fine, explained by Senator Sharon Koegan.
Dr. Pierre Kory’s book, The War on Ivermectin.

FDA advises against antibody tests for both natural infection and after the Covid-19 shot.

Interview with former Ontario MPP, Randy Hillier, facing years in jail and $1.2 million in fines for speaking out against harmful Covid measures and “vaccines” for his constituents.
Dr. Jessica Rose’s Substack discussing the International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments removing words like “freedom” and “dignity.”
NASA graph shows “manmade” increase in CO2 levels contributing to “climate change.” The graph is, however, deliberately used out of context, only going back 800,000 years and failing to mention that the low period was the most recent “little ice age.” (Red highlight is author’s.)
Study reveals that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were 4x greater, 1600 ppm some 50 million years ago, than today’s “climate emergency” levels of 420 ppm.
A recent study shows that cold ocean water absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and emits less. Hence, lower levels of CO2 were seen during the “little ice age” and seemingly “exploded” when the earth warmed again and released CO2.
Mainstream media misinformation that there is a “scientific consensus” on manmade climate change.
A Fraser Institute study debunked the “scientific consensus” of climate change.
WHO Regional Office for Europe document, Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe, promotes “masturbation” and gaining “an awareness of gender identity” for children 0-4 years of age.

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    It’s like 1984:
    ‘FDA advises against antibody tests for both natural infection and after the Covid-19 shot.’

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