Austrian Police Checking Shoppers’ Vax Status During Lockdown of Unvaccinated

After becoming the first country to lock down only the unvaccinated Monday, Austrian police are now performing random spot checks of shoppers’ vaccine status.

The unprecedented measure has slid Austria further away from democracy into totalitarian rule, as spurious vaccine mandates–without proof of increased vaccine uptake or reduction of Covid-19 transmission–are being based on even more dubious Covid-19 “vaccines”–yet to finish clinical trials until at least October 27, 2022 (Moderna) that is, without historically necessary long-term safety and efficacy data.

Divisive, “show-me-your-papers” societies have spread around the world, but Austria is the first to take this new era of medical apartheid openly into the streets.

The WHO’s Dr. Mike Ryan recently expressed grave concerns about vaccine mandates, passport systems and locking down of the unvaccinated, stating that they “[raise] real issues around civil liberties…[and] human rights.” Despite this caution, other European countries are looking at tightening restrictions as seasonal respiratory infection cases traditionally spike, including lockdowns of the unvaccinated only.

3 thoughts on “Austrian Police Checking Shoppers’ Vax Status During Lockdown of Unvaccinated”

  1. And Hitler was born where?
    Must be that there is something wrong with Austria. Germany is planning the same! This whole world is going nuts! I really hope that there will be a similar end to this tyranny as it was to Nazies!
    Nuremberg! And all of the big and small tyrants on the benches expecting the judgment!

  2. Are they going to cart the unvaccinated and send them to vaccination camps? If we don’t rise up, the unvaccinated will become the next population to be eliminated, like the jews.

    1. Eeveryone is being stopped at these ‘spot checks’. The vaxed will grow impatient and then watch what happens in addition to the official version of the lockdown of the ‘unvaxed’. If we thought that the mask nazis were out of bounds, this is going to get out of hand very quickly.

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