An SOS from Austria to the World

A healthcare worker from Austria sent an SOS to the world on Nov. 22, 2021, pleading that the unscientific and totalitarian measures now occurring in Austria will soon be spreading around the world. In her letter, Monica Frohmann, Homeopath, says, “This is about control and punishment of the people who want to make a choice about their own health.”

Austria, now joined by Germany, was the 1st country to lock down its unvaccinated population Nov. 8 with the vaccinated joining them shortly thereafter. The govt is currently working on a law for forced vaccination of the entire country, aged 14+, with fines of €600 that can be issued multiple times.

Alarmingly, Frohmann discusses how the Austrian govt is deliberately inflating data Covid-19 cases to scare the public into vaccine compliance. Govt authorities are using the 7-day case incidence per 100,000 people for regions for public data. In the case of regions less than 100,000 people, the govt will adjust the 7-day incidence up to 100,000 people and then use this 7-day incidence rate as the actual number of people infected in a region. In other words, for 70 out of 94 regions, there are more cases being reported than actual cases.

Around the world, the one-trick-pony vaccine for Covid-19 treatment is failing miserably with many countries cases exploding after introduction of the vaccines. Inflated case numbers to fearmonger and coerce vaccine mandate compliance has stripped away the freedoms of billions of people around the globe. Austria and Germany have both locked down the unvaccinated and called for mandatory vaccination for the whole country with fines for any choosing bodily autonomy in not getting the experimental jab. Greece will start fining people aged 60+ €100 if they are not vaccinated by mid-Jan.

Frohmann’s dire plea to the world has also been echoed by European Member of Parliament Christine Anderson in a viral SOS video for Australia warning the world, “This vaccine does not protect you from Covid. It does, however, protect you from governmental oppression…for now, that is.”

Frohmann sharply warns the world, “As residents of Austria, we are being faced with the most egregious mandates imaginable and these mandates will follow in other countries.  It is only a matter of time.  We must all rise up and do our part to stop this from happening.”

6 thoughts on “An SOS from Austria to the World”

  1. Say NO! Hold the line, the authorities are desparate and will only push more. Millions are not going along with this BS, you are not alone.With the Creator at your side, you have the knowledge and strength to win this fight! God Speed!

  2. It now comes down to civil disobedience and a refusal to give up bodily sovereignty and self respect. Can Austria jail millions at one time? The world is watching to see whether human freedom and dignity falls first to the 4IR psychopaths in Austria.

  3. I went for my 1st shot, thinking it is a good idea, I have allergies they thought it would be ok . Well it was anything but I was rushed to the hospital in a ambulance,
    I don’t rememer it all ,but i remember hearing to the driver , turn on the siren i have her breathing . I spend 4 days in the hospital , and I WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER ONE ,

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. Yes most of us trusted the government health authorities and their science but not anymore.

  4. i went to get my first shot , thinking a good idea, I was rushed to the hospital when i sort of come true i heard the gentlelman looking after me in ambulance called to the driver
    turn on the siren and said I have her alive now put on the siren .

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