After 2 Pfizer Shots, Bonnie Keefe is Now Severely Disabled and Warning Others

Bonnie Keefe believed the govt…that Covid-19 vaccines were safety and efficacious. She also felt pressured to take a Covid-19 vaccine. After 2 Pfizer shots, she’s now unable to walk and in severe pain. Because vaccine manufacturers have zero liability for injury or death, Ms. Keefe has been abandoned by the govt, not receiving any compensation. She is currently in search of a lawyer and regrets ever taking the vaccine. She shares her story here to warn others of the potential dangers, the deception and nightmare she’s now living.

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  2. FACTS ! I see not one fact that has been verified by the RCDHU or Doctors involved ! Why is this if you as a news outlet are telling the story where is your facts . I’m sick of the media scaring people about these vaccines when they are already scared enough. Before reporting on a story I would think you would at least check it out . Not just hearsay. We need to get our lives back and this is not helping it.If this story can be backed up with cold hard facts from the Doctors then please give us them so we can make an informed decision about this vaccine.

    1. You are either in denial like most of the planet or you just delusional. Wake up. The info is all around you. The mainstream media is not covering the medical failure these vaccines are. Hell the CDC declared if you have had your shots and died your considered unvaccinated. Bizzare right. So go on keep listening to the masters. People like you will have us all in chains.

  3. So this Doctor has promised never to practice medicine again and now you all believe him ,omg what is wrong with this picture . Do real research people and you will find the real story. Where is the real investigative reporters now ,does no one fact check? Cuz if you did you would know the real truth in this story

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  5. Of course there is a donate button at the bottom! Many Go Fund me accounts have gone up for her for different things in recent years!

  6. I’m just curious has anyone checked directly with a doctor to see if she had underlying conditions or was she perfectly fine before she got her vaccine? Or do they just take what she says as fact ? I would like more facts as this could effect to many negative outcomes of the vaccine.I know there is patient doctor rights but if she was a healthy person up till getting the vaccine then ok I can see the worry but if she had conditions before ?? I find in today’s world people and the press don’t take the time in a lot of cases to check the whole story out before they assume. We live in a world of social media where things get blown up so easy I just want facts fromHealth unit and from her doctors if she is going to say it was from vaccine.

    1. The gentleman interviewing Bonnie is a Dr. Emad Guirguis, he has. brilliant mind, and is a retired surgeon. Please listen to him.

    2. There are many people suffering effects and even death after these shots. Even if she has health issues, these re the people the puppet masters chose to get the shots first as they were most susceptible to issues from the virus. These shots are still in the experimental stages…no FDA approval, not that it matters as they are corrupt. However, this is an entirely new science with regard to irradicating viruses. How can we trust the science when it keeps changing? Science facts are science facts…they don’t change. We are being lied to by the media and the government. They are leading us to slaughter. Read Agenda 21 and you will see. Please wake up!! And pray for those that were blind then injured. We owe it to them to make this stop!!

    3. Just to let everybody know I was healthy before I got my two vaccines then I went down hill after my second shot. Now I’m suffering with the red spots and scabs and burning and blistering two weeks after he did the biopsy of one of my red spots he told me I had vasculitis and it was from the pfizer’s and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. I woke up yesterday morning noticed that I’m getting the red spots on my arms now which is going to put me in more pain. People need to be put into my shoes to know what I’m going through my husband has a small cafe that he looks after so I’m home alone waiting for him to come home on his brakes to take me to the bathroom and cook me something to eat and help me change my pull up that I have to wear I only get home care twice a week the rest of the time I have to rely on my husband. My story is real I just wanted people to know what I’m going through and how much pain I’m in and I cannot walk so it’s up to the public to believe me or not but I’m the one that’s suffering and I know the truth.

    4. I have personally known Bonnie Keefe for about 7 years, and I also live in Renfrew, and I was horrified when I ran into her, at her husband’s cafe, in a wheelchair – with her legs covered in what looked like tiny burns/scabs over her legs and feet/ankles. I’ve never known Bonnie to have any serious health issues. Which is why this sudden change in her health, as in ‘overnight’, came as such a shock to me. Bonnie told me this happened to her only 3 days, after receiving her 2nd Pfizer shot. There is absolutely ZERO reason to believe otherwise, or that Bonnie could be exaggerating, or anything else for that matter, it’s beyond insulting to treat a victim in this manner. It took enormous courage for Bonnie to come forth with her story, especially with the extreme pain she’s been suffering daily; and I’m the person who encouraged her daily to come forward to warn others, and perhaps save an injury or death – in the process, because there is endless censorship and downplaying of the injuries and deaths, associated with getting these Pfizer shots, not to mention the whole slew of them, including Moderna et al.

      That same day I ran into Bonnie, and was horrified seeing her in a wheelchair, covered in painful red spots, some in large clusters, which was diagnosed as ‘vasculitis’ by her doctor, I immediately shared with her the story of my healthy 28-year old daughter, who almost died a couple of months ago, within hours of taking the 1st Pfizer shot. She collapsed in the street, in broad daylight, and went into a horrific seizure. People passing by noticed her distress, and rushed to her aid, and called 911. My daughter was with her 9 month old baby, still strapped in her stroller beside her collapsed mother, who was picked up and also taken into the ambulance with her. There was barely any oxygen left in my ‘healthy’ daughter’s lungs, and she was immediately paralyzed, was rushed to the ER, and she was barely breathing. Alarms kept going off in the ER, for the heart monitors attached to her, and she barely had any life left in her. Long story short, had she not received immediate medical intervention thanks to passersby, who came to her rescue and called 911, without a doubt, she’d be dead – and I’d be raising her baby daughter.
      As mentioned above, my daughter was perfectly healthy, until hours after being injected with a Pfizer shot, her first one!

      Think carefully before you judge someone, whom you don’t even know. Bonnie is a good and honest person. I can certainly say the same of my daughter.

      Please do not re-victimize a person, whose already plenty traumatized by the ordeals they have endured, as described above – and whom suffered NO previous health conditions – to vilify them and downplay their ordeal, and/or minimize their injury, or allude to them being an outright liar.
      Pray that this never happens to you, or one of your loved ones.

    5. A doctor giving away medical info on a patient. Sounds awesome. Lets be transparent with everyones medical histories. Oh wait a minute. The billionare vaccine makers might disagree. They would expose their malpractice and they are already have paid out 4 billion in shut up money for that malpractice. Why dont you fact check that. Since your so keen on the facts. You make me sick. You shill. Go demonize the mainstream or facebook for hiding these facts. Coward.

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