A Night to Remember -Bright Light News Live Panel Jan 28, 2023


What an evening.

The presentations from expert panelists Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Rodney Palmer and Dr. Byram Bridle were profound, eye-opening and disturbing all at the same time. Each spoke clearly on the science and manipulation of a propped-up, post-Covid world and its continuing dystopian slide from human and constitutional rights. And yet the audience, soaking in every word, seemed to have left with a feeling of gratitude and hope, equally shared by the panelists, on a special night in Hamilton, ON.

(L to R) Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Rodney Palmer, Dr. Byram Bridle and Glen Jung

Dr. Patrick Phillips, MD, began the even evening with a stark presentation on the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations that would give the unelected WHO and, more specifically, its director general, the power to unilaterally declare and dictate the response to any future public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC, pronounced “fake”?), overriding the sovereign powers of its 194 member national governments.

Dr. Patrick Phillips sounding the alarm on the International Health Regulations amendment.

Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, then took to the stage and recapped his journey as a small-town ER physician, quickly realizing that the declared pandemic was not what it was being reported as. Hailed a hero by his community and legacy media, Dr. Trozzi revealed that he had never worked so little in his 20+ years. With an empty hospital and time on his hands, Dr. Trozzi amassed thousands of hours of research on almost all aspects of the pandemic from the misappropriated PCR test to masks and lockdowns to ignored early treatment and the harmful mRNA shots. With skillful levity, Dr. Trozzi often had the crowd in stitches while dissecting the unscientific house of cards that paved the way for Covid-19.

Dr. Mark Trozzi deftly took the audience down memory lane, leaving people shaking their heads over what we’ve endured the past 3 years while busting a gut at the ludicrousness of it all.

Rodney Palmer, a journalist in the truest sense of the word, dusted off his investigative chops to once again hold an audience captive, unearthing irrevocable gems of a media industry capture by outside sources. Going beyond the Trusted News Initiatives, Palmer exposed forces and incentives at play, which slavishly churn out propaganda to an all-too-trusting public from entirely unknown masters. Palmer admitted that the week leading up to his speech was compromised and consumed by a rabbit hole of research that even he didn’t expect. In striking fashion, Palmer pierced the veil of lies to reveal that no one is to be trusted.

Former journalist Rodney Palmer’s research for his presentation revealed financial incentives and higher search rankings for pro-narrative media stories.

With Pfizer acknowledging long ago that its BNT162b2 mRNA “vaccine” was unable to reduce infection and transmission, Pfizer touted trial data showing the shot’s ability to reduce severe symptoms. On Saturday night, viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle unequivocally crushed this claim using Pfizer’s own 6-month follow-up data. While taking the audience through the statistical sleight-of-hand and intentionally buried data that led to permanently disabilities and loss of life around the world, Dr. Bridle, one of the kindest and gentlest souls I’ve come to know, became more visibly upset with each deceptive, and now obvious, piece of data that he revealed. After having his stellar career destroyed for uncovering, as any ethical scientist should, that Covid mRNA vaccines were not behaving like traditional vaccines–as governments and public health agencies had promoted globally–and instead were dangerously travelling to all parts of the body, including the brain, heart and reproductive organs, Dr. Bridle turned to a recording video camera and unleashed an impassioned admonition to Timothy Caulfield*, Canada’s taxpayer-funded “misinformation” guru.

*Caulfield had previously attacked Dr. Bridle for “misinformation” almost 2 years ago and any non-pharma medicine long before Covid and was recently named to the Order of Canada. He was invited to the Bright Light News panel to debate the science of Covid and the vaccines along with many other influential public figures but failed to even give the courtesy of a response.

Dr. Bridle, viral immunologist, shuts down Pfizer’s Covid mRNA vaccine claim of reducing severe symptoms using its own 6-month data.

The evening finished with a shortened panel discussion, a Q&A for the panelists and then an opportunity to talk with the panelists and other guests at a local watering hole down the street.

Saturday’s event transcended that of a mere gathering of like-minded people, bonded by an awareness of a dystopian frequency being emitted by the very people tasked with our collective governance and well-being and tuned into by the greater part of the world’s populace. For me, a former teacher and homeopath now turned journalist, it was the answer to the division being instilled.

One of our volunteers, Jenn, wisely noted the frequency of the night’s vibe, “I wouldn’t say happy…but maybe appreciative…moved by this event.”

The audience locked into a presentation.

As many of these events do, from the Freedom Convoy to the Better Way Conferences in England and Austria, the evening tapped into a feeling of connectedness, only afforded when people can speak freely, without censorship and with a genuine love for all humanity. It seemed to have invigorated hope and healing for some.

Glen Jung, Bright Light News founder, opening speech.

Some members of the audience cried, as the residue of emotional pain from the last few years or perhaps a “vaccine” injury washed away in the light of the panelists words and the glow of the room’s harmony.

One man, leaving after the event, was spotted wiping away tears.

I am so humbled by the raw oneness of the night.

The love.

The unity for all that is good in this world.

*Thank you to all those who came and supported Bright Light News to make this a truly memorable evening: the incredible self-sacrificing panelists, the gracious crowd, the selfless volunteers and to Mitch Fillion from Citizen Camera and Andrew Collins for the pictures and recording this soon-to-be-released special night. And to all of you who could not be there.

2 thoughts on “A Night to Remember -Bright Light News Live Panel Jan 28, 2023”

  1. getting late in the game

    Nicely said,Doug.
    Since we now know the US DoD is at the heart of this genocide we can point to them through the investigative work of many in the truth network.
    The assembled team that represented this panel are some of the professionals that have earned our trust and admiration.
    BLN and Glen Jung deserve our support and respect.

  2. The severity of the pandemic was artificially created.
    The response was clear – it was about profit not public health.
    The science was altered. The vaccines didn’t work.
    The COVID policies were bad, and the policy makers are clearly criminals.
    The WHO, CDC, FDA, NIAID, WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are responsible for million of unnecessary deaths.
    The longer it takes for the medical professionals who stood up to the tyrannical forces behind this murderous eugenics attack on the innocents’ of our world to lick their wounds and start hunting down and publicly exposing the monsters (by name) behind this wave of evil that has darkened our world, then the more innocent people will be injured or killed and true justice will go unserved.

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