A Message to Ottawa Police – Dr. Daniel Nagase, MD

In the wake of police violence that took place on unarmed and peaceful Ottawa Freedom Convoy participants, Dr. Daniel Nagase, MD, shared a message with enforcement officers.

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4 thoughts on “A Message to Ottawa Police – Dr. Daniel Nagase, MD”

  1. Facebook post just now:

    Linda Patrice Carroll Goodwin
    I have a question, please do not scoff or dismiss. I think this is a very high possibility.
    Do any of you think Trudeau will allow another election in Canada?
    I do not think he will, just like other dictators that seize control, they cancel all opposition to his demands. He has basically shut down parliament for the last 2 1/2-3 years” he has done what ever he has wanted to. He has demonized every opponent against him through his cancel culture thinking. The person who wore black face more times than he can remember thinks that the opposition, the Canadian people are racist white supremecists whom he himself said he was going to destroy and get rid of. We are replaceable he said. What does that mean?
    My personal belief I cannot put into print because I think that Trudeau would send his police to arrest and beat and put me into jail.
    Is it not insane that in Canada I am more scared of my prime minister than I am of a burglar?
    Once again just my opinion but just look at what he has been able to do to Canadian people in the 6-7 years he has been in power!

  2. This was up on social media. Footage of a Trudeau enforcer kneeing a Canadian in the head multiple times. Lots of evidence out there of violence on the peaceful,unarmed citizens of Canada.
    I was told the man that fell next to the lady that was trampled upon had a heart attack and died.
    That elderly native lady has suffered a broken shoulder and ribs. Neither confirmed.


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