5th GTA Doctor Dies in 2 Weeks, 27yo Triathlete Collapsed During Training Swim

Dr. Candace Nayman died today after the 27yo triathlete collapsed during a training swim. She is the 5th GTA doctor to die in the last 2 weeks. Mainstream media and public health officials will, of course, downplay any potential link to Covid vaccination. An investigation into her cause of death will likely not be undertaken.

An obituary from Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel stated, ““Candace Brooke Nayman passed away Thursday, July 28, 2022 competing and doing what she loved,” reads an obituary on the Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel.” Funeral services were held today.

With the unprecedented global deaths in Covid-19 “vaccinated” dying, will this latest spate and unheard of healthy doctors dying trigger people to begin questioning the safety of the experimental Covid-19 injections–still without long-term safety or efficacy data and rife with chilling short-term data?

Donations may be made to McMaster Children’s Hospital. RIP, Dr. Nayman.

37 thoughts on “5th GTA Doctor Dies in 2 Weeks, 27yo Triathlete Collapsed During Training Swim”

  1. Give it up. Understand that even if someone has cancer, it does not mean that it was the cancer that killed them. For example, you don’t know if Segall died because of the cancer. If he had had it for a long time, it’s also possible that his covid injection was what killed him and not the cancer. Just like people who died of other things were claimed to die of covid because they tested positive. Your arguments are conclusive.

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  3. I posted on reddit that not all vaccinated people are Vax-Nazis (people who believe in forced vaccinations, incarcerating the Vaccine-Free, etc.), and that the majority of them were just trying to keep their jobs and/or protect their families. (At least, they believed they were protecting their families.) And…

    !!!Someone flagged it as “misinformation”!!!

    Hahahahaha! You really can’t fix stupid! 😛


  4. The French philosopher Réné Descartes famously stated that:
    “Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the world”, however I do not agree with him at all.
    It´s simple – 5 GTA doctors dead in 2 weeks. All healthy – 1 former Olympian and another a triathlete.
    What is the common denominator: multiple innoculation with a highly risky experimental vaccine.
    Anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense myst understand that 5 young and fit DO NOT drop dead in 2 weeks.
    The reason is crystal clear – just use common sense, nothing else is needed.
    My brother is a GP in GTA (Mississauga), unfortunately jabbed.
    I pray he is one of those that received placebo.

    1. And have you checked other time periods to see how many times 5 doctors died in two weeks?

      ” All healthy”: wrong. One had had cancer for quite some time and one was seriously ill for some time.

      “1 former Olympian and another a triathlete.” Really? Which one was an Olympian and how long ago was it? The “triathlete” only mentions training for a triathlon (in the hottest part of Toronto’s summer) ONCE in here Twitter feed.

      1. Rather telling that the spike protein destroys the immune system and many with cancers in remission head to stage 4 and death after the poison.
        Very effective.

          1. “I’m sorry, but things that are claimed without evidence can be dismissed.”

            You mean like saying something is “safe and effective” without proof? Or saying masks don’t/do work? Or that experimental MRNA therapies can be arbitrarily renamed “vaccines”, and that they do/don’t prevent infection or transmission?

            Hahahahahaha! You just talked yourself out of your own argument! 😛

      2. Marcelo Araujo

        The first doctor died while running.
        He was fit as a fiddle and a former Olympic athlete (from all accounts). Candace, the 27 year old physician was also a high intensity athlete.
        With all due respect, no research is required to understand that 5 relatively young and mostly healthy doctors from the same region DO NOT die of SUDDEN DEATH (mostly) in Canada or anywhere in the world.
        Plain and simple.
        Common sense.
        Think about it.

        1. The first doctor, Dr. Lorne Segall, 49, died on July 17. He had cancer and had had it for a long time, so he certainly wasn’t “fit as a fiddle”. If you have any evidence he was a former Olympian, go ahead and produce it.

          The second doctor, Dr. Stephen McKenzie, had been a neurologist for 40 years, so definitely not young.

          Dr. Jakub Sawicki does look to have been relatively young, but he died of gastric cancer that had been diagnosed as “Stage 4” last August.

          How are you doing so far?

          You have no clue at all what kind of athlete Candace Nayman was. Her own Twitter feed mentions training for a triathlon only ONCE and that was only two months before her death.

          So yes:

          YOU think about it.


          1. You do not know that any existing illness was a cause of death. The covid injections could very well be the cause of death. You simply don’t want to believe it. A person with cancer can still die due to a stroke, or a heart attack. AND can die due to an experimental injection.

            Don’t forget that many deaths were attributed to covid when the causes of deaths had nothing to do with covid.

            It goes both ways.

        2. Common sense indeed. Too many don’t have it. Ignore the trolls shilling for the vaccine still. They can’t see myocarditis if it hit then in the face.

        3. 100%. Ppl lack common sense. They can t let their mind go somewhere painful. Cognitive dissonance.

    2. I pray for brother and all the other jabbed people including my close family.
      Drs Segal and Sawiki had cancer for a year… so maybe cancer from two or three jabbs and the forth wiped them out? Just a question, correct answers could help save lives.

    1. B.S.
      There are thousands of athletes world wide going down after the poison death shot.

      Then there are the numbers of all cause mortality figures coming in from insurance companies stating a 40% increase in deaths of the 18-64 year old category.
      10% increase in death are war death numbers. 40% increase in 2021 is a genocide.
      Then there is the graphene that has been discovered by scientists across the globe.
      Then there are the veins of corpses being filled with a foreign substance that is derived from metals that embalmers are pulling out of the vaxxed everywhere.
      You have to be very ignorant or a plant to deny what is going down.

  5. This is the worst genocide in the history of the world. Yes, FAR worse than the Holocaust! Let the hangings begin!

    1. Yes very strange , makes no sense at all to be buried the same day as her death . Cause of death is most likely associated with the ” vaccine”.

      1. Her family probably follow the Islamic or Judaic funeral customs: Preferrably within 24 hours of death or ASAP.

    2. The Jewish tradition is that the body is buried within 24 hours. The details of the obituary indicates she was off the Jewish faith.

      1. A young woman dies in what may have been her first ever triathlon during the hottest part of a Toronto summer…

        …and you don’t have a shred of evidence that it had ANYTHING to do with the vaccine.

        1. This is a genocide and idiots like yourself arguing that it is some kind of picnic are complete morons.
          You haven’t shared one shred of evidence that says this is not a genocide except to be a belligerent piece of shit.

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