2 Brothers Provide Free, Warm Food for Freedom Convoy 2022

Two brothers from Chatham, Ontario, have been graciously providing free food for any in need of a delicious warm meal in support of #FreedomConvoy2022.
They are located by the Delta Hotel at Queen/Lyon.
#FreedomConvoyCanada2022 #TruckersForFreedom2022

6 thoughts on “2 Brothers Provide Free, Warm Food for Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. When you see two Canadians like these two men it reminds us that there are a lot of good ordinary Canadians who care about complete strangers and show it by their deeds. Compare this to almost every politician, provincial, federal and mayors of big cities like Toronto who use our tax dollars to promote themselves and all the unelected criminals that support them. The one positive thing that this plandemic has shown is is all the mainstream media outlets, not just the CBC but all the TV, newspapers and even magazines that are getting government funding now to promote the government’s lies. Thanks goes out to real news reporters like Bright Light News who report the real news that Canadians need to hear.

  2. Canadians in general are quite patient and tend not to rile easily, but, when they do, the message is always “This far and no farther!” The truckers were just the tip of the spear.

    These brothers and people like them are heroes—the real Canadian kind—just like the truckers. And, like one of the protestors said, “It’s been a while since I felt proud of my country.”

    1. So very true. At one point I was thinking about how I would get out of Canada and where I would go but these truckers have given me new hope for what used to be a great country.

      1. You and me both! As for leaving the country, I’ve given it a lot of serious thought—and I know more than a few extremely capable and talented vaccine-free individuals who chose to leave Canada while they still could. Now that they’re happily settled abroad, I’d like to see the various levels of government try to come up with a plan to convince them to come back. All I can say is “Good luck with that!” 😛

  3. Legacy Media nowhere to be found but BrightLightNews was there to document it.
    Inspiring story and many thanks.

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