1st Myo-/Peridcarditis Case in Child, 5-11,

Ontario’s 1st case of myocarditis/pericarditis from a Covid-19 vaccine in a child 5 -11 has been reported by Public Health Ontario.

Many experts around the world have warned that adverse events, including death, are inevitable for young children–the group least susceptible to infection and severe Covid-19 outcomes.

Despite this, govts and mainstream media worldwide continue to push the experimental vaccine.

As the vaccine rollout for young children continues in the coming months, comparisons between rates of myocarditis in children can be made with the Myocarditis Foundation (U.S.)’s estimate the incidence of myocarditis to be “1 per 100,000 children per year.”

6 thoughts on “1st Myo-/Peridcarditis Case in Child, 5-11,”

  1. It seems it doesn’t matter to Doug Ford how many kids he kills. as long as he does what his master Teresa Tam orders him to do….

  2. In addition to protections under the Criminal Code, every province and territory has laws to protect children from family violence and abuse. There is absolutely no justification to give a child an experimental drug that provides no benefit but does provide a great risk of harm. I would call that abuse. It seems there is no law enforcement anymore as long as you participate in this experiment.

  3. So I have trouble understanding the data as presented as the totals dont add across or down the table. i.e. the last table row is marked total but does not add down the column. the first table column and cell indicates all sexes,for all doses for age 5 – 11 but does not equal the total for all females and all males in that age group identified in the same row

  4. For God’s sake people wake up!! Kids ages 5-11 and older don’t need this experimental drug to do them in!!!!please don’t let them. Kill your
    Kids..Do the research and ask questions.I ve
    Been in the health care system over 50yrs!!!!
    This is horrific what they are allowing!!!!
    It’s all about CONTROL OVER THE WHOLE

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