Who’s Really Running Ontario’s Covid Response? “Follow the Money,” Says Ousted MPP Rick Nicholls

Ontario MPP Rick Nicholls was booted from the Ford govt on Aug. 19 for choosing not to vaccinate, a constitutional right. In this exclusive interview, Nicholls shares why he believes Premier Ford flipflopped from being against vaccine mandates and “divisive” passports to for them.

36 thoughts on “Who’s Really Running Ontario’s Covid Response? “Follow the Money,” Says Ousted MPP Rick Nicholls”

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  2. 1. He needs to start a new party and run against Ford. Ontario needs a new party to provide an opposition so we can vote for a party unlike what’s available now. Otherwise, whatever other party wins the next election, will be the very same as it is now.
    2. It would have helped to ask him why this government opposes using the proving successful medical protocols for early treatment.

  3. If he said the lethal injection is not good for you, then why would he even consider it to be a good idea for health care workers (at 29:00 video)?

  4. What a ray of hope. Thanks, Rick. Of course, “Follow the money” is always a valuable observation. Further to that is the less traceable “Follow the pressure.” It may take two forms. In its most dire application, “Follow the pressure” might be direct threats to life and limb of the person or their families. But, it may take another, less direct form. In order to be pressured in this way, one needs first to be compromised, be it adulterous affairs, financial chicanery, addictions, past secrets – and more. I sense that more than a few MPPs are aware that “Follow the pressure” is in play in our provincial politicians, especially the less direct form. It requires great personal integrity to call the bluff of those applying pressure; to say, “Fine, expose me.” And it requires integrity to reveal the pressure being applied to others due to their compromised position. We are living an ugly madness in our province right now. For the sake of the lies and coverups jobs are lost, families torn apart, and the list goes on. This is a crisis of integrity.

  5. Outstanding interview & video. Bright Light News, please consider creating an Odysee channel; Odysee is blockchain based and you should have at least one other video channel. Rumble is already becoming beholden to big money, to a degree.

  6. Thank you Rick Nicholls for being one of the few honest politicians in the entire world who are standing up and speaking the truth for all the people, not just in your riding but for people around the world. I have been waiting 2 years to find a Canadian elected official like you.

  7. You are a good man Rick Nicholls. I am hoping you run either as an independent or with the New Blue party. I wish you all the very best for the future. A man with principals is destined to succeed at whatever you decide to do.

    1. Agreed, Nicholls should run with New Blue or possibly a PPC Ontario party that’s in the works; New Blue is probably better, Provincially.

  8. Thank you so very much good Sir! Very brave for certain and I sure hope more voices start to oppose the obvious communism taking place, particularly within Saskatchewan opening their FORCED prison camps and the ones being built here in Ontario under the guise of voluntary is MOST FRIGHTENING! I hope others with a powerful voice speak soon before we become extinct!

  9. Rick Nicholls I applaud you for your stance on this issue. If only so many other politicians would have the same courage as you have displayed. GOD bless you my friend. Stay strong.

  10. THANK YOU A man of Ethics and Principals who stands up for the people Freedom is not Free we need to fight now before its to late!!!

  11. is there something else going on—YES–the climate ”emergency” had no traction–so they went for the ”pandemic” gambit-and there is so much profit in selling a ”vaccine” to the government and having them bully the citizens to submit to it—that passport will soon contain your carbon footprint and whether you have the right opinion or not–it will also allow you access to your bank account–or you can be locked out—the ”passport” is like a choke chain or a shock collar–they can yank on it or turn the juice on if you don’t ”behave”—now who’s a good dog ??

  12. Thank you sooo much Rick Nichols for being a real trooper. You will be known in the future for your bravery and courage. I agree on all the points you said about these vaccines. You have really done your researches and absolutely knows a lot about this. You know more then these brainwashed and indoctrinated doctors who are just there for the pay cheque and the fame. It takes a lot more courage to go against this corrupt government and corrupt medical mafia!!! I will pray for you and your family because who you are dealing with psychopath evil and corrupt people to the core. I will wish you good luck and safety. Thanks again for all the work you’re doing….

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  14. Kory Teneycke is really gross. He’s part of the leftist, big-C Conservative establishment that hates traditional values and believes that big corporations should be in bed with the government. Back in early 2020, he was advocating for the elites in the CPC to kick Richard Décarie out of the CPC Leadership Race before the grassroots members could vote. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/powerandpolitics/teneycke-trost-decarie-gay-choice-1.5438571
    He eventually got his wish. The fact that Doug Ford values Teneycke’s voice higher than most of the MPPs in the PC Caucus makes me want to puke. I’m sure there are more corrupt people within both The Ontario PC Party and the CPC establishments. If small-c conservative people want change in Ontario, they should support the New Blue Part of Ontario: https://www.newblueontario.com/

  15. Although the numbers of clear thinking pure bloods may not be that low, they may still qualify to be placed on the endangered species list…

  16. Interesting piece of information that termination from employment for refusing to jab is termination with cause. Can anyone confirm this?

  17. Rick,
    You are a giant among dwarves and I salute and commend you for your integrity and courage in the face of extreme pressure from powerful forces. Doug Ford is a pathetic turncoat who is easily swayed, due to his lack of character and below average IQ, which robs him of the necessary confidence to make bold decisions and resist pressure from strong interest groups such as Big Pharma. He also thinks he gains politically by implementing vaccine mandates as 80%+ of the population is double vaxxed. Like Erin O’Toole, Jason Kenney and others, he lies about being conservative to become leader and then moves to the centre-left, imposing vaccine mandates, segregating society and taking away individual freedoms. Quite the contrast to a principled man such as yourself — keep fighting, sir!

  18. Thank you for standing up for your Rights . Hope that you will be making charges against this Premiers Actions for removing our Freedoms . We all need to stay strong together to fight this bio chemical war.

  19. Thank you for standing up for our Rights . Hope that you are going to make charges against this Premiers Actions of taking away our Freedoms .

  20. Nallely Sanchez Martinez

    I think that this all is taking places beacuse crimes like hate speech or mispractice are not turning into court cases. The government should be lawsuit for hate speech against citizens tax payers, as a Permanent resident and citizen from another country i feel as a hostage because I can travel overseas to seey family because I chose to wait until this experiment have some.long term results. I really want to leave but my husband is a nice Canadian who have share custody. Doesn’t matter what I chose I feel that this government is breaking my life apart. The Sutton is not at a political level. Politics are done but Lawyers are just absent, not ethics or commitment with communities.

  21. My job is causing me so much stress.
    20 years with Healthcare and nothing matters but a va$$ine.
    When debate is not encouraged, it’s not science. It’s propaganda.

  22. Pretty damn admirable of you Rick. It’s nice to see some one of your stature finally stand up and speak the truth instead of accepting the buy out! I’m sorry to hear of how much you’ve lost standing up for what I feel is 100% right! Keep fighting the good fight my friend!

  23. Thank you Mr Rick Nicholls for your courage to stand up to be the voice for every person that sees that we need to preserve the freedom of choice, freedom to choose what is best for us and for our families without being stripped of our rights to work, travel and speak. If we do not stand up and we comply with the unclear narrative, what will become of us? Whoever is behind these mandates is not going to stop with us just complying with the vaccination mandates. They are going to go for more. Greed and power go hand in hand! Do your research, use your critical thinking and use your consciousness! People tend to make wrong choices when they are afraid.

  24. Thank you for sharing your story and your thoughts. You mentioned the words New World Order This is what is happening! I will not vaccinate. I have autoimmune and they have no scientific evidence of how the vaccine will effect me. I get pneumonia from the flue shot which I stopped getting 5 years ago. The sad part is that the Drs have been told they can’t give an exemption to anyone. They are not allowed! I have chosen to to not vaccinate and with that choice I have lost my children and grandchildren. I have lost me freedom of having social contact I may even lose my job and my home. This is my choice and I stand by it. We are stronger together! There are more people than big tech. We need to stand up as a whole!

  25. Thanks for using the “C” word Rick! You hit the nail on the head! I commend you for your strength of character, and I wish that more people would speak up.
    This has been a pandemic of FEAR more than anything else.
    This has never been about “health”. If it was, discussion on existing treatments that are highly effective against covid (i.e., Ivermectin), would not be suppressed and censored…..

  26. Anyone who has been injured from the vaccination need to start standing up and have there voice. I am NOT against vaccinations however the Covid-19 vaccination I am. More research needs to be done.

  27. Thanks Mr .Nicholls for speaking up and having integrity! This whole thing has the smell of evil. So many doctors have been sensored that have spoken up and put their careers on the line. People need to wake up !!! History is repeating itself again and we are letting it happen! Stay strong my friends and do not cave into these bullies they are doing their best to hide the deaths and injuries.

  28. It is not about health it is about CONTROL and ENSLAVEMENT!! Well people better start realizing that this has everything to do with the GREAT RESET and the Government(s) want these people to be fired and jobless so they can implement the Universal Basic Income.
    These health care people should be ashamed of themselves because they are aware of the vaccine injuries. Even the CDC and Faucci and Dr. Tam knew that these so called vaccines would cause COVID – http://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download page 16.
    The powers to be are redefining what it means to be ‘vaccinated’. They are even putting dead individuals into the unvaccinated categories.
    If you want to know the truth about these experimental go to the Stew Peter’s Show and listen to Karen Kingston talk about the pfizer jab. https://rumble.com/vnhqap-receipts-dod-joint-artificial-intelligence-center-monitoring-vaxx-deaths.html
    Then listen to Whitney Webb tell Rainer Fuellmich what the future plan is for us through vaccination –
    w.bitchute.com/video/SsMdMlohQJmo/ – Dr. David E Martin shows how the PM can be charged with racketeering due to vax

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