Who’s The Coward, Trudeau?

A response to PM Justin Trudeau’s tweet about the man who confronted Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland. Feel free to respond to his tweet (below).

30 thoughts on “Who’s The Coward, Trudeau?”

  1. This, coming from a coward, communist, curtail riding criminal that said, quote: “They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space.

    “This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people? Over 80% of the population of Quebec have done their duty by getting the shot. They are obviously not the issue in this situation.”
    But funnily enough, these loaded statements suddenly don’t qualify under our criminal code as hate speech crimes… ‘rules for thee but not for me’, has become a sick reoccurring theme these days.
    A class action defamation suit is well overdue!

    1. I agree, Trudeau has caused so much division in this Country by demonizing those who do not agree with his insane policies. He is an arrogant narcissist part of a small Fringe Minority who want to destroy us. Why do we tolerate him and his WEF Cronies? He likely has plans to lock us down again if we do not take the new so-called vaccines every 90 days. He needs to be stopped!

  2. How did we ever vote this corrupt, elite ,hypocrite into power. never has Canada been run by such an entitled piece of garbage, he has divided this country into total ruin, him and his globalist friends are all that matter to this hypocrite , I’ve lost friends and family because of his lies and misinformation, he has got to go before its to late.

      1. He’s a communist, watch the Actio4Canada from a video by a lawyer David Linsay, lengthily but worth watching, If this doesn’t work which it should, I’m not commenting on the future going forward as I never took an oath like the many did in the forces of the military and police forces

  3. This MFERING REPTILE BRAIN BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORE shilling for Klausy and Billy is the MOST IGNORANT HATED being in our country.
    If we don’t get this PUKE out of office and keep EXPOSING his CRIMINAL MAFIA MEDICAL CARTEL and start ARRESTING at some level there WILL be BLOOD in the STEETS.
    FUCK him and every one of his bum boys !!

  4. Yet it is ok for a Prime Minister to call Freedom fighters all despicable names on national tv and those choosing not to get injected as being deplorable and taking up space, at the same time Cynthia just nods her head and smiles. Sickening!

  5. Wow it makes my blood boil just listening to the guys BS, I just ignore jerks and hope Pierre is not worse when fancy socks and his clowns get the toss

    1. Pierre is a GLOBALIST also and a member of the WEF.
      Better said … he is a WOLF in SHEEP’s clothing. Don’t let his smooth talk fool you. It’s my opinion and others that the WEF has plans to have him as PM next.. Please do your research and DO NOT VOTE for Pierre 😱

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  7. YES WE DO! Does that mean you’re leaving your position? Because Canadians have no confidence in you as a leader, to do as you say in this interview! Your actions have been the complete opposite of what you just said!

  8. Trudeau is the epitome of hypocrisy. He has threatened, divided, intimidated and segregated Canadians. Trudeau, you should be ashamed of yourself! You couldn’t possibly do any worse. You fail Miserably!

  9. Mr. Spoiled Rotten Narcissistic Clown of a human.
    Let me make something very clear. Do as I say not as I do only works in communistic countries. You are a sorry soul of a dictator. The fact that you managed to outdo both your daddy and your sperm donor is nothing short of a shit stain accomplishment. You should be proud to be one of the most hated Satan spawns of all time. An accomplishment in its own right that you wear so proudly. The best thing you could do for yourself and this country is take your leave of absence and head back to your homeland of Costa Rica. At least there you will learn the true meaning of consequences for your murderous, genocidal crimes against humanity. I feel so extremely sorry for your kids to have to admit your their dad. Maybe they will be as smart as the rest of us Canadians and learn from history and keep it from repeating itself. NEVER EVER FORGET you are nothing more then a public SERVANT. We hired you stupidity and we will most certainly FIRE you. Watch us!!!

  10. We can only hope that the brainwashed,ignorant Canadians that receive their programming from CBC ,CTV and the lame stream media outlets (that this creep paid off with our money) will come to their senses as they see the vaccine injured/deaths mount around them,the debt destroy our economy and our freedoms dwindle away.
    Trudeau,Freeland,Singh and all the WEF collaborators are traitors to Canada and need to be held to account for their crimes against the people.

  11. Justin Trudeau,
    You accuse people of all the things you are you yourself do. You have divided this Country while accusing others of doing so. I believe that you said that the the World was laughing at Canada during the Freedom Convoy. The opposite is true and the Canadian Truckers started a World Wide Freedom movement. You act like the scared boy you are, unwilling to speak to your constituents. As a WEF Puppet you are destroying this country and Canadians. My great-grandchildren will be paying for your criminal spending. Sunny ways indeed! Balanced Budget, HA, what a pitiful joke of a people kind you are. You consort with pedophiles and are determined to destroy Christian Values. You are a fake Catholic and you are pushing a death Cult with Maid and you pushing for abortion all over the world. You are as bad as other Dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao Pol Pot. You admire Communism and are imposing it on us you arrogant Narcissistic Psychopath! You are just as bad as all those who censored and banned opposition to their regimes. You are actually a sniveling Coward.. You did not earn your position, you were obviously groomed and chosen as a willing Puppet. You have not done an honest days work in your life you spoiled brat. Apparently you feel the masses should worship you and your fellow criminals. You are totally despicable. The Trudeau name needs to disappear from history.

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