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  1. Covid has done a number on all of us. Who knows what the right answer is. I have a small group of friends. W have been together from kindergarten to roommates at university. Our of the 7, 5 of us have had the vaccine and 2 are anti vacers. We do respect the others values but it has changed the way we interact. My husband and I have 5 children ages 3 to 11 and I tend to be a little paranoid when it comes to covid. My best friend that refuses to get the vaccine I still truly love but we have changed how we interact. Though I never go to her home and she is not welcome in my at the moment we connect virtually 2 to 3 times a week and keep caught up on each others activities. Politically we are polar opposites but over the years have developed a friendship based on love and respect even if we don’t agree. When I listened to this Jody on her video I feel the same way towards her. Yes you do have the legal right to go into the food court. And thankfully I know that now. In you letting me know that people without the proof of vaccination can enter I now have the information I need to avoid food courts or any other establishment when I have my kids with me. This is not me judging anyone. My husband and I were vaccinated based on visits with our family doctor and multiple questions / concerns. I based getting my vaccination on his advice as someone I have known since high school and someone I trust. Not from some tweet or facebook post. I will continue to mask in any venue requiring it and or produce our vaccination records. My concern has nothing to do with protecting my rights. My major concern is to protect my family. With all the conflicting information out there I am still not sure what the right thing is. I can only go with my gut feelings. If foregoing any obscure right protects my children I know I have made the right choice for me and my family. Once the vaccine is approved for my younger children I will have them receive the shot. Hopefully in a year or so all this back and forth with covid will be a thing of the past.

  2. M Parlee, Bachelor of Biology, Bachelor of Computer Science

    I think that all of this vitriolic talk is counterproductive. Objectivity based on logic, fact, true science, and intellectual honesty is what is needed and demanded. Negative emotions, hatred, wishing anyone to die because they choose not to get the jab or because they do, is alarming and saddening. Resorting to hatred and name-calling only inflames. Let’s each think, listen, and do our own research before we speak out of ignorance and cold, uncaring hatred.

  3. Face restrictions based on the choices we make on the vaccine? I thought this is about covid 19 and what we have done to flatten the curve, which we did before vaccines rolled out. Now we’re seeing bigger spikes and bigger numbers in hospitalizations and deaths, never mind the adverse reactions to the vaccine which no one can get a medical exempt from, even with an underlying health condition. Then they die, and what’s the story? They already had an underlying health condition, which is why they died, not cause of the vaccine, and still count it as a codiv death. Interesting

    1. Gullible people are partly responsible! Those who caved in to this hoax and all the lies have given away their rights. The truth is slowly coming out. How long will it be before Canada becomes a police state like Australia?
      Who in their right mind would let their children be given a “vaccine” that has not been tested clinically for 5-7 years ?
      It’s a virus ! My 75 year old cousin just got over it with no problem. People are totally brainwashed and actually trust our lying, ethics violating government ! Doctors who speak up that have everything to lose are being censored ! Wake up people. History is repeating itself !

      1. It seems to me you have made certain assumptions about people.
        Number 1. I did not cave. I listened and did a lot of investigation looking at both the pros and cons in addition to consulting our doctor.
        Number 2. as a parent I will do the same in regards to my children getting a vaccine. It will be researched and individual consultations with our doctor for each one of them before a final decision is made, which anyone in their right mind would do.
        Number 3 – I have relatives that have survived this as well but I have lost a co-worker to it. I’m sure a lot of us can find examples supporting either side.
        Number 4 Government has not brainwashed me. And Trust??? I have made my decisions based on the information presented by both sides. It will be a cold day in Satan’s realm before I base anything merely on what Mr. Ford, Mr. Trudeau or any other politician has to say.
        Number 5. I have not given up any of my rights. My right to choose is alive and well. If you have chosen not to get the vaccine then your right is still intact.
        As far as providing my vaccination records to restaurants, other businesses or my employer, when the time comes I will exercise my right to privacy or my right to provide – again “My Right to Choose”. You may not agree with which way I exercise that right but I’m sure you will agree I am free to do so.

  4. I never read such convoluted logic coming from this “Gord!” Untested vaccines with proven dangerous outcomes or any untested potentially unsafe medical procedures refused by citizens should not be avoided in exchange for the right to work. You are a moron for proposing this and I demand that you return the money I sent to subscribe to this website. Maybe Trudeau and Ford could use your services, even Fauci falters in his demented narrative once in a while.

    1. I maybe a moron but you are just a dumb cunt you don’t understand. No I agree with you on the vaccines that they are not proven yet. But I did make my choice to get the vaccine. You can make you own choice. My company just published their policy on vaccination and returning to the office. I will comply. Not from intimidation but because they are looking out for our collective best interest. My company also enforces dress codes – if you don’t want to comply don’t come into the office. Do you consider that a crime against your rights to dress like a whore!??! Or however you want to dress?

    2. Just an add on. Why would you want the money back for what you paid to subscribe. I didn’t have to pay a cent. Who truly is the moron!!!!!

    3. One other thing. You accused me of being a moron. A person with a very low IQ. Since this id a public platform you have no problem in publicly stating a fact of intelligence which is also private and personal information and my personal right to keep private. But does not stop you from putting the information about me on the net. Conclusion is that you have no regard for personal information.

  5. Fear is not a tool to be used against people. Our rights are what keeps us whole as a society. Social media, news media or world health should not be aloud to dictate mandates or removal of basic human rights to further agendas set by big pharma or big tech. It is easy to mistake corruption for progress. For example Facebook. Our immunity is far more superior to any vaccine or flu shot. Take care of yourself, eat right and for the love of god turn off that damn TV. Research everything. If you look hard enough things start to unravel quickly. Critical thinking is vital to being a well informed citizen.

  6. No rights in my opinion have been removed. Governments worldwide are trying to get a handle on the pandemic. There is no intent to remove rights. Yes we will face restrictions based on the choices we make on the vaccine. But we have the right to choose. And with that right we have to own our decision. If you lose your job because you choose to not get vaccinated that you must own as you exercised your right to choose.
    If your child wanted to run out into the street would you let him/her choose to run or would you restrict their behavior and basically take away their right to choose. And yes they do have rights but parents need to guide them into save behaviors for their own good. Governments are basically doing the same thing. Just because we are adults does not mean we know any better than the child.

    1. Erika Koenig-Workman

      Comparing the bio weapon purposely placed in humanity to a child running in the street is not a false comparison

        1. It is not a false comparison. Calling a vaccine a bio weapon is a false statement. Is the polio vaccine a bio weapon, or is a small pox, tetanus shot?? How much research have you done into those. Don’t know where your head is on this. Perhaps you could find a proctologist to help locate your head.

          1. The mRNA vaccine is not a traditional vaccine. It is a gene altering vaccine. Have a look at Dr. Robert O Youngs’s work. His findings on the blood work from those who are vaccinated are horrific.
            These covid19 vaccines are bio weapons

          2. Do you even comprehend the term bio weapon. Are these vaccines the ultimate answer I can’t say. But take a look at how many people have died due to this. The actions are not a plot to hurt us. But hopefully to prevent more deaths. It will be a few years before we know for sure. My goal in getting the vaccine is hopefully to be around when that occurs. We can all quote different doctors. Dr. Fauci had made statements as well and I tend to believe him over a lot of others. My advice to you is if your beliefs are that strong don’t get the vaccine. Then stay the fuck at home. If you contract covid stay at home don’t seek medical help. If you die, oh well – your family can say you stood up for your rights.

        2. The point I was trying to make is that you are making assumptions about adults and that we all know what the right thing to do is. Some not all make decisions to have cocktails and get into their vehicle and drive. Or travel at 120 when the limit is 100kmph or gun the engine to run a red light. Behaviors you see every single day. If we all made intelligent and well informed decisions there would be no death on our roads. I don’t consider any collision an “Accident” – just stupid behavior. If you are the cause of a collision due to speed or stupidity you should be locked up for 20 years for at least manslaughter if not murder. I’ve lost family member due to adult stupidity so the comparison is not false!!

  7. Trudeau and his administration has removed our rights! Reasons why is because people are not educated of our rights, when we file cases in courts in the Superior Courts and Supreme Courts I feel that our government needs to be held accountable criminal charges should be processed they are to be removed from office and if found guilty jail time should be processed with fines.

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