We Are With Our People (Freedom Convoy 2022)

“Every minority group. Every culture. Every person needs to be here.” – Rosina Kharal

There is the govt and mainstream media narrative; and then there is the reality of the Canadians supporting #freedomconvoy2022.

22 thoughts on “We Are With Our People (Freedom Convoy 2022)”

  1. We value our freedom, and we’re willing to stand up and defend it, we come from a broad range of cultural, ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds, we’re united, we will not bend, and we will not break. Think of what an inconvenience that must be for our political and chattering classes.

    1. Trudeau has violated
      The Charter of Canada’s Bill of Rights
      Section 1
      Section 2a
      Section 6
      Section 7
      Section 8
      Section 15
      Section 24
      Constitution Act 1982
      Canadian Bill of Rights 1960 (Diefenbaker)
      Federal Court Rules
      Aeronautics Act
      International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights
      The Nuremberg Code 1947
      The International Health Regulations 2005
      Interim Order for Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation due to Covid 19 No.52

      “This is so over the top-what is happening.The Charter can only be overriden in times of war”. Hon. Brian Peckford
      Here we have SEVEN sections of Canada’s Bill of Rights,our Constitution,Nuremberg Code and several International Acts and Regulations that have been violated.
      This is a legal document accepted by the Supreme Court of Canada January 31st, 2022
      All of the Legacy Media -tv and print-in Canada have completely ignored this case.

      Premier Brian Peckford is suing Canada over COVID-19 vaccine travel mandates
      Premier Peckford is the only surviving drafter and signatory of the 1982 Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is the main applicant in this case.
      By Rebel News | February 04, 2022

      1. Thanks Max you prove my point. Pierre Trudeau brought us all together. He brought that forward and made it happen with an insane amount of hard work. The Liberals take care of Canadians! I lived through that era, even though I was a child.

        1. Rog, are you an adult? Adults do not need to be taken care of. Adults can make their own decisions. People should absolutely have bodily autonomy.

        2. Yeah, the Liberals are certainly doing a great job taking care of Canadians. Without them we wouldn’t have masks, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccine mandates and on and on. Remember when Pierre Trudeau campaigned against price and wage control then won the election and imposed controls. Stop making politicians gods.

        3. So Rog, you are agreeing that Trudeau did in fact commit all of the crimes outlined above by Max and Premier Brian Peckford! Thank you case closed. He should be removed from office.

        4. “The First Ministers created our Canadian Bill of Rights and amended our Constitution. Then PM,Pierre Elliot Trudeau,had nothing to do with it.
          “The nation is the Constitution.Constitutional law is not Federal law or provincial law. We were keenly aware of doing this-the first ministers.
          The Charter is not federal law.We knew we were doing a Constitution.We were looking at a nation.Not Federal law or Provincial law. Glue to keep the nation together. The glue had to be the Constitution.The Glue had to be the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for individuals.The glue creates a civilised society and respectful of other people.
          The prime minister has been a great mover and shaker inciting division in this country.Very sad.He and many of his cohorts should not be able to lead this country.
          They do not stand up for the charter of rights and freedoms of this country.
          We have to take back our freedoms . We have to restore the Charter to where it legitimately belongs.You can’t do these kind of things.
          This is sacred territory here.” Honorable Brian Peckford speaking to Dr. Sam Dube

        5. Well, Rog Twit, I lived through that blunder as well, and I WAS NOT a child, so now I know where you’re coming from.

          I was once like you, but I woke up, and began to realize that we have been lied to for YEARS. When you finally do grow up, Rog Twit, Maybe your eyes will be opened as well.

          In the meantime, your child-like troll attempts are failing miserably. I don’t know what your objectives are by lurking in the shadows, you miserable little twit, but you’ll realize one day that you have been on the wrong side of history. My only hope is that I live long enough to see that day.

    2. Hahahahaha, I think we just found Trudeau masquerading as Rog Whit. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. Awesome you can stand with him in his cell as he awaits trial. The two of you can foam at the mouth over all the racist, misogynist, unholy terrorists in the country and how your gonna squash them for daring to practice their freedom of speech, bodily autonomy and religion.

    4. Geez Rog, your buddy Trudeau is focused on China, not Canada, why donโ€™t both of you go visit China, and stay, forever!

  2. so great we are Canadians that love Canada and this convoy of Truckers have brought
    people to Ottawa full of love and want to be united for our great country
    Thank you we love you and pray for protection and peace.

      1. I would not be surprised if the 1 person with a swastika flag and the one person with a confederate flag were plants. There was a large police presence. Why did the police not remove those people immediately? Did they receive orders to leave them alone so that CBC, CTV, etc. could get photo ops to feed their narrative?

      2. That includes you Rog! No more tolerance for ignorance, stupidity and blind obedience to power mad dictators who have no respect for the rule of law! We have well established laws to protect the people and those laws have been violated for over two years as Trudeau goes on his rampage of power.

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