We Are With Our People (Freedom Convoy 2022)

“Every minority group. Every culture. Every person needs to be here.” – Rosina Kharal

There is the govt and mainstream media narrative; and then there is the reality of the Canadians supporting #freedomconvoy2022.

18 thoughts on “We Are With Our People (Freedom Convoy 2022)”

  1. We value our freedom, and we’re willing to stand up and defend it, we come from a broad range of cultural, ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds, we’re united, we will not bend, and we will not break. Think of what an inconvenience that must be for our political and chattering classes.

  2. so great we are Canadians that love Canada and this convoy of Truckers have brought
    people to Ottawa full of love and want to be united for our great country
    Thank you we love you and pray for protection and peace.

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