[INTERVIEW] The Public Are ‘Vaccine’ Guinea Pigs Amid Rising Safety Signals -Drs. Byram Bridle & Patrick Provost

During the so-called Covid-19 pandemic, scientific dialogue was replaced in favour of a singular narrative that led to a harmful one-size-fits-all policies and a singular “solution”: an experimental mRNA injection.

Amanda Forbes of Children’s Health Defense Canada joins forces with Glen Jung to interview two leading experts, vaccinologist Dr. Byram Bridle and RNA expert Prof. Patrick Provost. Rather than being place on scientific boards to discuss the rollout of the shots, both have been vilified for exposing the evidence of harms associated with the injections. Dr. Bridle remains unable to access his teaching lab at Guelph and funding, and Prof. Provost continues to fight Laval University, where he raised concerns with the ‘vaccine’ rollout for children but was subsequently suspended because, incredibly, as an RNA expert, he was deemed unqualified to speak about mRNA vaccines.

In this riveting interview where the two experts meet and discuss the vaccine technology for the first time, much ground is covered including the global phenomenon of increased excess deaths, the potential for the tainting of the Canadian blood supply due to “vaccinated” blood, the leaving of intact vaccine, vaccine components or produced spike through a bodily fluid to potentially enter another human being, that is, shedding, and much more.

New South Wales, Australia, govt data shows huge increase in hospitalizations and deaths in people with 4 doses.
Nova Scotia sees 848 excess deaths in the first 10 months of 2022.
Dr. Byram Bridle et al. slide showing numerical and statistical differences between the “vaccinated” and unvaccinated in Pfizer’s 6-month trial update supplementary data (compiled from document above).
RNA expert Prof. Provost was suspended June 14, 2022, for 8 weeks without pay for raising concerns over Covid jab safety. An immunologist, Dr. Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée, said that Prof. Provost is not expert in mRNA technology.

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  1. getting late in the game

    Since we now understand this bioweapon is lethal I would like the Grand Turd that pretends to represent Canadians to isolate all injected people until the honoured doctors and scientists figure out how to save the human race from their selfish and silly decision to go along with this genocidal psyop.

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