4 thoughts on “Trudeau Celebrates Viola Desmond Fighting Segregation, as He Vilifies & Punishes Unvaccinated From Participating Fully in Society”

  1. Trudeau and his 2 sets of rules. He’s a murderer and needs to be charged with crimes against humanity. Jehovah Witnesses have the right to refuse blood transfusions, LGBQT people have their rights… But, we don’t have the right to put what we want in our own body. Its a human rights violation! This is like Nazi Germany all over again. Imagine, Papers, Papers, show me your Papers! What the hell did our soldiers die for in WW1 and Ww2. Let’s fight the good fight people. 🤬

  2. Good for Trudeau supporting those that fight for human rights. It is my human right to be safe from the ignorant unvaccinated. Go Trudeau! Build Back a Better Canadian society. Lets keep those that wish to be “Canadian” and participate in society safe.

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