Trudeau Aggressively Flipflops on Mandatory Vaccines & Unvaccinated Canadians

PM @JustinTrudeau initially said no to mandatory vaccines, respecting the rights of all Canadians, before persecuting the unvaccinated and creating a 2-tiered society of medical segregation.

4 thoughts on “Trudeau Aggressively Flipflops on Mandatory Vaccines & Unvaccinated Canadians”

  1. A legitimate medical reason you say?
    How about lack of long term safety data , i think thats pretty legitimate

  2. Trudeau is a “crime” minister, who doesn’t care about Canadians. He is a self entitled and corrupt liar and needs to go. Another term with him will turn Canada in a full blown communist state.

  3. How in the world could he ever be trusted again. He’s done. Lost all credibility and in the mean time created an us and them situation. We have never in history had freedom taken away because we choose to be the ones to keep decisions involving our bodies to our selves. It’s MY BODY! Why should a politician decide ANYTHING about that? It’s outrageous.

  4. You will never get my, or any of our extended family’s vote ! You have obliterated any respect we that we had for you !! My body, my choice, our bodies, our choice. I will NEVER submit to the injection of gene therapy. You have been complicit in the making of this plandemic/ gene therapy. You will be remembered in history as a murderer.

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