Truckers Ask for Shovels & Volunteers, As Ottawa Denies Snow Removal

#FreedomConvoy2022 truckers are being denied snow removal service & slip tanks to refuel their trucks.

#truckersforfreedom2022 are asking for shovels, salt & volunteers to be delivered to RCGT Park (301 Coventry Rd) ahead of an expected 7-14 cm by Thursday morning.

6 thoughts on “Truckers Ask for Shovels & Volunteers, As Ottawa Denies Snow Removal”

  1. Former Newfoundland Premier,the last living author of the Canadian Bill of Rights and Freedoms of 1982 is suing the regime of Justine Trudeau.
    ‘Regarding how we can all help, Peckford points to continued civil disobedience, citizen education, and ongoing participation. By maintaining protests and activism constantly across Canada, we maintain necessary pressure on the political class. Peckford cautions against attempts to change the Charter.’

    So,keep it up truckers in Ottawa and Milk River,Alberta!!
    Canada has had enough of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset and his minions Trudeau et al destroying our country.

      1. BREAKING: Rural Alberta MLAs set to discuss lifting ALL mandates

        The MLAs will meet this afternoon to consider lifting all mandates in rural Alberta.

        By Rebel News | February 02, 2022

    1. Awesome post !! Totally agree !! Praying for everyone there and all over our great country and globe . … never underestimate someone with nothing to lose …. Especially a Canuck!!

      God bless

  2. Trudeau’s official statement is that he and his crew of fellow misfits “won’t back down!” (Indeed, Emperor Nero himself would approve of their apparent willingness to watch the country burn down around them rather than admit they were wrong.) So, now it’s up to Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to turf these turkeys.

    As for replacements for O’Toole, Poilievre is the only one I’d consider lining up to vote for. Last time around, he said he didn’t want the job. Well, this time around, he either has to step up or risk watching his party lose again. (MacKay or Lewis might be able to pull off a win, but then again they might not.)

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