Toronto School Boards Grants Unvaxxed Staff Temporary Exemptions for “Safety” of Students

This morning’s email to Toronto District School Board (TDSB) parents/guardians exposes its coercive and unscientific vaccine mandate, as other unvaccinated staff were laid off today despite vaccine uptake by 99.3% of its 41,600 staff.

Pre-Covid, public health officials would have celebrated the remarkable uptake and supposed protection.

Like unvaccinated healthcare workers who went from heroes to zeroes post-vaccine mandate, the TDSB–long proud of its emphasis on social equity–displayed its hypocritical reality that not all staff are equal…that the lives and livelihoods of its dedicated, unvaccinated staff are easily disposable and at the whim of its staffing needs, not the “safety and well-being of students.”

3 thoughts on “Toronto School Boards Grants Unvaxxed Staff Temporary Exemptions for “Safety” of Students”

  1. This is a disgusting abuse of power. These teachers are following all the safety protocols set in place. If they have not caused massive outbreaks in schools in the past two years they are not about to. The numbers of people in ICU is almost zero.
    I keep hearing how selfish these teachers are, selfish is forcing someone to do something that is against their beliefs or not in their best interests to benefit yourself (ie. sacrifice their jobs so you can eat out at a restaurant). Shame on you.

  2. Fire those idiots I say and shame them so they can’t get hired anywhere else. They dont want the jab, they should not be part of society. Sorry but life needs to move on, Canada needs to build back better and these petty little selfish people are standing in the way of progress. I wish I could strip them naked and parade them through the streets like in Game of Thrones yelling “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

  3. This makes no sense. TDSB can not have the unvaxxed at the school because it is unsafe but we can have them there temporarily to keep it safe???

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