TDSB Staff Protest Forced Vaccination Policy Ahead of Monday’s Suspensions

TDSB staff protested the head office at 5050 Yonge St. Friday, ahead of their unpaid suspensions Monday for remaining unvaccinated–once a human and constitutional right. Various TDSB, including teachers, EAs, caretaker and carpenters, carried placards advocating for freedom of medical choices and voicing their displeasure and indignation over board’s coercive and discriminatory vaccine mandates.

While some school boards, like the Peel Disctrict School Board and Hamilton-Wentworth District School Boards, have not implemented these no-jab-no-job policies, the TDSB remains steadfast in its mandate…a mandate has never been justified legally, scientifically or ethically.

Forced vaccination goes against voluntary informed consent and doing so against a person’s will is considered extortion under the Criminal Code of Canada:

Looking at the vaccine mandate epidemiologically, two tweets by Education Minister Stephen Lecce April 6, 2021, refute the need for their implementation. “Schools are safe” says his tweets with video footage of Premier Ford and Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s then top doc, to support his position.

Normally accepted exemptions, including medical, religious and creed, have also questionably been turned down in favour of an authoritarian vaccine agenda set forth by the board’s trustees and not the province. A recent revisiting of the vaccine mandate by TDSB trustees could have reversed the human and constitutional rights-violating policy, but 8 female trustees allegedly from affluent school communities stopped 14 other trustees in favour of revisiting the vaccine mandate. A listing of all trustees can be seen here.

On Monday, November 22, a sad day will hit Canada’s largest school board, as students and school communities will grieve the loss of dedicated education professionals forced out of their positions for a dubious policy that does not improve public health outcomes.

3 thoughts on “TDSB Staff Protest Forced Vaccination Policy Ahead of Monday’s Suspensions”

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  2. My brother, a retired school principal, has been in the hospital for over 2 months with serious brain damage after his second dose of the so called vaccine. These criminals need to be punished to the full extent of the law.

    1. Your brother is not the only one suffering. I would say thousands are suffering only they never get reported. Below are a few that have come forward to tell their stories. Maybe your brother might want to his story. Remaining silent just lets them continue with these deadly vaccines. They are after little kids now and they will be after babies and those up to 4 years old soon.
      Most systems get less then 1 percent of adverse events reported. Canada’s is even worse then that. Adverse events of Canadians some are collecting their stories.
      and more here

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