Sports Commentators: Heart Issues, Bell’s Palsy “Through the Roof Since the Boosters”

This video of a mainstream Australian Rules Football sports show has gone viral with its panel saying the world is now seeing heart issues, Bell’s palsy and other effects after “the boosters” and Covid issues.

6 thoughts on “Sports Commentators: Heart Issues, Bell’s Palsy “Through the Roof Since the Boosters””

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  2. Of course it’s true, there’s absolutely no other reason for hundreds of pro athletes in peak physical shape to be falling dead, definitely not a coincidence.

    1. Max. Remember the question I was asking about the Rebel applying for QJCO status? I got a response. Ezra was interviewed by Tucker recently, and he gave the lowdown.
      You see, I originally thought that obtaining QJCO status from the CRA would qualify Rebel Media for a tax credit. Maybe that’s true, but what it really does is allow Rebel’s SUBSCRIBERS to claim a tax credit for subscribing to Rebel Media.
      The application was made to benefit the subscribers, not necessarily Rebel Media itself.
      It may be true that RM would benefit indirectly if it had been granted QJCO status, but I doubt if they would have profited heavily from it.
      I just wish that point would have been better explained in the legal brief that I read when RM decided to take the government to court in a civil action.

      1. I thought this exercise was a means to be legally recognised as a news media outlet,which grants them acknowledgement as a legal entity Turdo is bent on destroying.
        There can be no independent media in the nation he and his witch are birthing for the WEF / NWO.

  3. I heard that the video was cut, and taken down. The participants were later forced to apologize. If that’s true, then the censorship regarding the “vaccines” is still very strong.

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