Singapore’s Covid-19 Deaths Have Exploded 19x Since Vaccine Roll-Out

Covid-19 vaccines are failing to prevent cases and deaths in Singapore, despite a 85% of the population being fully vaccinated and 20% with 3 doses.

Singapore was formerly heralded as a success story with just 29 deaths before the Dec. 30, 2020, vaccine roll-out. Exploding more than 19x since then, there were 562 Covid-19 deaths reported Nov. 12, 2021. Cases also skyrocketed 3.7x more than the Apr. 20, 2020, daily high of 1,426 cases to 5,324 cases Oct. 27, 2021.

As seen around the world, the unvaccinated in Singapore are also blamed and vilified for continuing the spread of Covid-19. In the latest example, unvaccinated Singaporeans will no longer have their Covid-19 medical bills covered by the govt as they used to.

With such pre-vaccine-roll-out success and clear vaccine failure now, why is the Singaporean govt continuing to coerce Covid-19 vaccination?

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