[INTERVIEW] How We Were Psychologically Manipulated -Jason Christoff, Self-Sabotage Coach

Long before Covid, the psychological stage was set for Covid-19 measures and “vaccine” mandates to enter the mind of the greater public to force acceptance and compliance of policies that a rational mind could only see as unscientific, nonsensical, and cruel to those aware of the manipulation. Self-sabotage coach Jason Christoff (Twitter) details the physiological workings of the mind and how unscrupulous scientists took advantage of decades-old work into training a compliant society.

Christoff is founder, president and dean of Free From Self Sabotage, “a worldwide network of dedicated healers who understand that life success is directly linked to the beliefs, rituals, ideas and traditions we live out daily.”

Jason Christoff is the founder, President and Dean of Freedom from Self Sabotage coaching school.
Govts around the world use fear to instill more compliance in the population, like the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) who employed behavioural scientists to ramp up the fear.
Jason Christoff says the handful of people behind the mass behavioural manipulation of 8 billion people can be found in this documentary, Cult of the Medics.
“The most dangerous pollution, it turns out, comes from commonplace items in our homes and workplaces,” say authors Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie of Slow Death by Rubber Duck.
Like training animals, behavioural manipulation of people is best done in isolation.

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