Pressure Against Vaccine Mandates Working, Ontario MPP Roman Baber Urges More

Pressure on @fordnation govt working, as Ford now reconsidering vaccine mandates on healthcare workers.

Ontario MPP @Roman_Baber urges more pressure.

Email:, & your MPP (Find here)

4 thoughts on “Pressure Against Vaccine Mandates Working, Ontario MPP Roman Baber Urges More”

  1. Forgot to mention in our Charter of Rights, it states people will not be treated with CRUEL OR UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT….

  2. Brenda Lee Hardison

    This is not about vaccines, in truth, the entire world knows what is going on, this vaccine is doing nothing to stop an individual from getting Covid, doesn’t stop the spread of it, you are forcing healthy people to do something totally against their will, causing deaths, disabilities, and suffering to countless thousands that the world knows about because of this vaccine. Those who have taken it with no consequences thank God!. You are putting literally every life at risk because of this non sense. We hear the US speaking out and walking away from their jobs and now in Canada and the world can’t blame them. We teach our children to not LIE because it is wrong and you expect us to believe in you and what you say. It’s beyond that. This vaccination is more deadly that COVID produced by man to kill man. How unintelligent do you think your voters are. You should quit while you are ahead, I am certain you don’t want to subject your own children. Shame should be upon all of the faces that went along with this. There is no trust left or respect. Is this what being a world leader is about, CONTROL. This is Canada – not another country. How about paying out to those families that have either lost a loved one from COVID or the vaccine or the countless people that have lost a job or business. Or to the ones that are going to lose people now that our HEALTH CARE WORKERS ARE WALKING OUT because they are fully aware of what this vaccination can do. Really Proud to be Canadian!!!

  3. This vax mandate and the masks are so totally against anything moral or logical and our Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. When will the masses who blindly follow realize that this is a totalitarian move to underhandedly strip us of our independence. It has to Stop.

  4. Lily Cvetanovski

    Vaccine mandates should be scrapped everywhere , this is Canada and vaccine passports are discriminatory and against our human rights, it’s no one’s business about my medical situation! This is crimes against humanity, and needs to stop.

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