[PRESS RELEASE] NDP Follow Lead of Citizen-Led NCI, Also Call for Federal Inquiry

The National Citizens’ Inquiry (NCI), first announced by Preston Manning Nov. 2, 2022, has stoked a fire and resonated with Canadians across the country and so much so that the NDP is now also calling for a federal inquiry, to the detriment of the inquiry’s intended purpose and the health and safety of Canadians. The NCI will hear testimonies from everyday Canadians and experts on the harms suffered at the expense of the unprecedented govt responses to Covid-19, which abandoned all existing pandemic protocols and violated Canadians’ rights and freedoms. The inquiry will take place in cities across the country and start in early 2023.

Read the Nov. 14 press release from the NCI here and the original Nov. 2nd press release announcing its launch below.

Preston Manning announcing the launch of the NCI in Ottawa Nov. 2, 2022.
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