Police Across Canada & Globe Uniting Against Vaccine Mandates

1000s of fed-up police officers across Canada have reached out to ex-OPP officer, Vincent Gircys, to unite and fight back against unconstitutional vaccine mandates–their numbers are growing daily.

6 thoughts on “Police Across Canada & Globe Uniting Against Vaccine Mandates”

  1. Great news clip! I’d like to hear more about these interment camps? Where are they and what is currently happening at them ? Let’s get this information out! Nazi germany here we come!

  2. I saw a video the other day … of a woman in tears .. extremely sad …

    Her husband got the shot … and she found him dead in bed a few hours later …

    In her opinion … she said … my body my choice … the same as abortion … really it is our choice

    And that’s what this is all about … our rights are being removed …

    I agree with her

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