PM Trudeau Admits Vaccinated Still Not Protected From Covid-19

Aug. 19, 2021, Calgary, AB

2 thoughts on “PM Trudeau Admits Vaccinated Still Not Protected From Covid-19”

  1. This dude is complete failure. He is a lousy public speaker, but he thinks he is the greatest. He can’t connect his thoughts to facts because he has no grasp of reasoning with facts. He is unethical and racist. On COVID he contradicts himself, blatantly, not only in rehtoric but also in policy-making. always has to find a victim, which says a lot about his mentality. The shots are not vaccines because they do not prevent infection nor contagiousness; just coz you got the shot does not make you more immune from the virus. The people who have been exposed to coronaviruses — of which there are many and most people already had cross-immunity prior to the emergency authorized experimental injections — have better immunity than those relying solely on the shots. Those previously exposed are as fully immune as it gets; and they have long-lasting — probablly lifelong — protection against infection and, thus, from becoming a carrier/spreader. So TRUDOH JR speaks yet again more falsehoods. He has done that from the very beginning — even before the ‘pandemic’ declaration — where he lied by omission about the very ill military atheletes who returned from Wuhan GAMES months before the covid scare. He just let the sick return to their homes across the country. This guy is an utter failure on all levels.

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