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9 thoughts on “Please help us bring you more for as little as $2/mon & get FULL ACCESS.”

  1. Jonathan Paterson

    RE: CCCA Town Hall Apr. 30, 2022 @ Kitchener Crown Plaza Hotel.
    Would like to offer my assistance to volunteer to fix this video if the audio content is available.
    Can you advise whether the audio on the recorded version can be improved?
    Were there the same technical difficulties during the live stream?
    Could it be re-published with better audio quality? In other words:
    If it was streamed live to facebook, perhaps the recorded version captured there is high-fidelity and could be downloaded and mixed back into the video? It may also be stored as a video record at your streaming service (if you re-stream)
    It seems like it was run through an audio processor / software encryption that wasn’t matched with the bit-rate requirements of your streaming service and / or just couldn’t keep up due to limited computing resources.
    I’ve found that hardware video switch integrated with audio processing is more reliable than software only. For instance the ATEM Mini Pro -and it provides more options for several static camera angles.
    Thank you for your devotion to the good work disseminating valuable medical information and sharing the vital experience of people who have had encounters with adverse effects of experimental vaccines.

  2. Reference John Charlebois’ comment about American doctors treating Covid 19 patients to reduce risk of going to hospital. what does one do here in Canada if you become infected? Generally your own doctor will not treat you if you test positive, I would think. Who could we contact here in Ontario for treatment and assistance?

  3. Some doctors in the US are using a treatment for their patients if they get C-19 so that they don’t end they minimize ever having to go to a hospital.
    There is a group of them that are part of The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons(AAPS and they have produced a very informative C-19 Treatment Guide.
    We need this for Canada but I encourage everyone to get it, read it and watch for videos in the links from the email you receive when you subscribe to get this Guide PDF at

  4. How can I contact someone at Brightlight ? I have information that needs to be shared – the public would want to know.

  5. Mary Laframboise

    Thank you so much for this gives me hope that we often too passive Canadians can stand up against the tyranny we are experiencing.
    Love your name. Bright Light!
    Always objected to Rebel News’ name- they should be Stalwart News or some other positive affirmation!!

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