4 thoughts on “Pfizer Asks Health Canada for Rubber Stamp Approval of Kids’ Covid-19 Shot”

  1. Who is Health Canada? These nameless, “exspurt” bureaucrats who allegedly use “science” to create their decisions/recommendations. And the “know-nothing” government leaders bow and accept their decisions which seem always to support big pharma.

  2. The day will come when anyone and everyone who is responsible for injecting children with an experimental vaccine will never, ever see the light of day when put behind bars. To ignore the science should be and will be known as the largest criminal act since WW11.

  3. Vadja (Vladeta) Jericevic

    They all should be in JAIL if not executed for the crimes that they are inflicting on people.
    One day they will be!

    1. Several things need to happen.
      1) We must not forget that the very constitutional rights which we seek to protect also protect the right of the accused to a fair trial. It is a principle of justice which separates the British descendant democracies (USA included).
      2) We must change the laws to prevent such atrocities in the future.
      3) we must change the laws such that corporations are treated the same as individuals (and boards, CEO’s etc) are subject to prosecution.
      4) We must provide justice to those who have died . . .
      5) All politicians (and time limits on bureaucrats) who are involved forfeit pensions and salaries.
      6) all present political parties disbanded and members in positions banned for life from joining any other political party . ..
      just a few things required in the name of justice!

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