NL Health Minister Offered “An Incentive” to Church Leaders to Use Vax Passport

On Oct. 18, Terry Snow, General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland & Labrador (PAONL), addressed congregational members in a video announcement (2:19 mark) to declare “the mandatory vaccine passport,” the NLVaxPass, for all people aged 12+ entering a faith-based organization beginning Oct. 22, 2021.

Thanks to a Bright Light News reader’s submission of an internal memo, we’ve learned that Snow glaringly forgot to mention that “an incentive was offered to Faith-Based Organizations that embrace the Vaccine Passport,” by Dr. John Haggie, Minister of Health (see Page 4 of memo below, section 4). Without mentioning the PAONL’s potential conflict of interest in implementing the vaccine passport, Snow squarely attributed the adoption of the passport requirement on the shoulders of the govt.      

Dr. John Haggie, Minister of Health

Snow continues to say that vaccine passports have a “twofold purpose: one, to decrease the rate of community spread, and, two, to increase the rate of double vaccinations.” Both statements are patently false.

Terry Snow, General Secretary-Treasurer, PAONL

According to the Ontario Covid-19 Science Table, July 21, 2021, “There is currently no direct scientific evidence of the direct impact of COVID-19 vaccine certificates on SARS-CoV-2 transmission or population vaccination rates.”

That Ontario’s Covid Science Table further states that “there are important ethical, legal, accessibility, and privacy considerations concerning their development and implementation” seems to be of no consequence to the church leaders.

Why is NL’s Health Minister offering an incentive for a public health policy that is not supported by any science and violates several constitutional rights, including the right to bodily autonomy and freedom of religion? And what was the offered incentive?

The pubic has a right to know.

13 thoughts on “NL Health Minister Offered “An Incentive” to Church Leaders to Use Vax Passport”

  1. The insinuation here is wrong. Taken from the PAONL letter cited, the incentive in question is a relaxation of “some” entry rules “if, and when, the epidemiology verifies it is safe to do so . . . ” (bottom of page 4, #4). Compensation is not implied.

    Their densely worded, five-page missive does not, however, exonerate them in this, their greatest error.

  2. If the churches allow a incentive to make the congregation provide green cards they would be going against Gods teachings .

  3. You know, if there was a real pandemic (to qualify there has to be a death rate of over 3%) hospitals would not be firing nurses.

  4. So they decided to take the 30 pieces of silver and prostitute Christ’s bride. Discerning believers should be thankful, the goats and sheep are being separated….gather with the sheep and leave the goats to their apostasy.

  5. Non government epidemiologists have been saying from the beginning that mass vaccinations will only cause further spreading and new variants to come along and that is what we are seeing. Look at Africa with their low vaccinations rates. They have the least number of cases and the Omicron variant is no big problem with people being treated at home with no hospitalizations. The problem in North America and Europe is people have no idea or interest in taking control of their own health. They eat artificial food and rely on doctors and pharmaceuticals to maintain their health.

  6. The antichrist system is being set up – there is minimal if any evidence of transmission of the Covids in church settings, or restaurants etc. They are using a fake test – defunct in December of this year – to find cases of cold, flu and maybe even the Covids, in order to drive numbers, fear and compliance.

    Banning the unvaccinated from Churches is like banishing the unwashed, the poor and the sinner. Not only is this an affront to Christianity, such action is inherently unchristian and churches going along with this are, in fact, going along with the new anti-Christ system. See the image of the beast at the United Nations building in New York.

  7. Keep digging. I’m quite sure this “incentive” goes well beyond one particular denomination . . . . expose them. Bring them into the “Bright Light.” Likely beyond 2 provinces too . . .

    Thank you for bringing this into the “light.”

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