National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) Is Live – Day 3, Truro

2 thoughts on “National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) Is Live – Day 3, Truro”

  1. Dr. Davidson made the comment to the effect that no one should be coerced into taking any kind of medical intervention.

    I was a patient of his a few years ago at which time he tried very hard to coerce me into taking specific medications in anticipation of carotid artery surgery. I refused the medication on the basis that it had previously caused me serious (to me) medical distress. His response to my decision was to throw what I would describe as a tantrum.

    I walked out, never to return.

  2. Please explain:
    All of the viruses have patents (man made),
    so how does someone who makes “vaccines”
    for them explain being against it all , now?

    Don’t understand?

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