[LIVE FINAL DAY] World Covid-19 Congress -Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Join us for the final day of the World Covid-19 Congress live from Foz du Iguazu in Brazil, featuring international experts via zoom and in person presentations.

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8 thoughts on “[LIVE FINAL DAY] World Covid-19 Congress -Iguazu Falls, Brazil”

  1. Patrick Brown’s Conservative leadership campaign is toast, for cause, and that’s a good thing. Here’s hoping Mr. Lockdown-Hockey-Stick doesn’t get reelected mayor of Brampton.

  2. If you’re vaccine-free (or at least a born-again refusenik), please come and join us here:


    There are approximately 5,760,000 vaccine-free individuals in Canada alone. That’s a massive amount of raw (potential) sociopolitical power. There’s strength in numbers, but only if we get connected.

    1. Reddit had our group listed as NSFW (Not Safe for Work), which is usually only applied when you talk about things like drugs or porn. Do you see how afraid they are of the vaccine-free?

  3. Since Theresa Tam just received a $59,000.00 pay raise to $324k CAD per year it would be vital for Canada if she was actually lectured about real science instead of the WHO/WEF script she has been peddling to Canadians.
    The joke’s on us.

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