Freedom Advocate & Human Rights Lawyer, Knia Singh, Running For Toronto Mayor

Welcome news comes for Torontonians, as freedom advocate, Knia Singh, announced his candidacy for the October 24, 2022, Toronto mayoral election. In a video release yesterday, Singh says, “I am running for Mayor because our city needs someone who can connect with and represent the wide range of residents that make up our diverse, world-class city.”

Singh, a human rights lawyer, is one of the rare breeds whose profession came as an extension of his dedication to social justice, providing a legal foundation to his advocacy. Unlike current Mayor John Tory, out of touch with the struggles of everyday Torontonians, Singh is inspired by his own personal experiences to bring equity as Toronto’s next mayor.


In the space of the Covid era, we’ve come to know Singh as a powerful and articulate voice, unafraid to go against the grain and willing to take the punches as he stands up for the rights and freedoms of all Torontonians–“vaccinated” and unvaccinated alike. His willingness to speak at 2 of Toronto’s Worldwide Rallies (WWR) against Canada’s unconstitutional Covid response and vaccine mandates proves as much. Below is a clip of his powerful speech from the March 19, 2022, WWR. Singh will also be speaking at the upcoming Worldwide Rally Sept. 17 in Toronto’s Christie Pits.

To find out more about Singh’s mayoral candidacy run, visit his website,

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  1. Go get them Mr. Singh, John Tory needs to go, wished I lived in your vicinity and had a chance to vote for you, I’d live in Toronto but I would starve because my mortgage would be too high, although I don’t have one now as it’s paid off. Got family coming our way or going to Newfoundland with only 1 going to live with us and another in short term

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