Justice for the Vaccinated -Drs. Charles Hoffe & Stephen Malthouse, Cris Vleck

Drs. Charles Hoffe & Stephen Malthouse, Canadian doctors vilified for daring to uphold their oath and share the truth about Covid-19 “vaccines,” join co-founder Cris Vleck, vaxjustice.org, to give a voice and support to those who did what they were asked: get “vaccinated” to protect themselves and others to stop the “pandemic.”

Instead, they suffered injuries and were then ignored and ridiculed for making such claims. The U.S. OPENVAERS system reporting over 1.4 million adverse events and 31,000 deaths is small testament to the incontrovertible fact that something seriously dangerous and unjust is afoot.

Join Drs. Hoffe and Malthouse and Vleck, as they discuss the 10-day touring campaign to bring Justice for the Vaccinated and visit vaxjustice.org if you or somebody you know has been injured to make a report and/or to receive support or to make a donation.


11 thoughts on “Justice for the Vaccinated -Drs. Charles Hoffe & Stephen Malthouse, Cris Vleck”

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  3. Universal Law. The Law that the Benevolent Galactic Federation of Worlds follows as well, is:
    DO NO HARM. This law, Do No Harm also covers the animals. We are NOT allowed to hurt, torture, stress, or traumatize any animals. If you eat a cow, for example, you have supported the latter being done to her. Even if you eat any cow, goat or sheep dairy, you are supporting this being done to these animals. i.e. They cry and cry and cry, emotionally stripped apart, when their babies are taken away from them at birth, so humans can steal the milk meant for the baby animal.

  4. Please, please ensure the BC Bus tour starting around B.C. will visit ALL
    Universities. For example, UBC Press has persons employed that are
    ‘back in the beginning of 2020, telling frats to mask and isolate. I know
    the person, lives 1/2 mile from me. Does NOT want to here or be shown
    websites of REALITIES, such as you are bringing. A paid-for messer.

    I have 1800 ‘hits’ of links re Bill Gates, Pentagon, Big Pharma, and all their
    Zio connections (they own the businesses and the upper echelon persons).

    Thank you for helping, thank you for the news and ….furtherance. I knew all
    this long before 2019, have followed Bill Gates’ mind for 25 years. A messer
    for money, euthanasia, control.

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  6. You need your own place to report since you’re turned down.
    At least a record will be kept.

    What they can DO if hurt is very important.

    So appreciate your work.

  7. I follow events in Canada from England – good luck to everyone involved with vaxjustice.org. I’m sure your bus tour is making a powerful difference to the vax injured.

  8. I happened to see a comment one or two days ago which suggested that rather than the touring campaign saying ‘Justice For The Vaccinated’ perhaps better to say ‘Justice For The Vaccine Injured”. It is quite apparent that mainstream media is silent with respect to this ever occurring. And we all know who never questions the news from many government funded sources.

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