JCCF 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award

On June 16, freedom-loving Canadians gathered to honour Tamara Lich, winner of the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award. Presented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), the gala event included attendees like Lord Conrad Black, Maxime Bernier, Julie Ponesse, Rupa Subramanya, Ezra Levant, Andrew Lawton and Tom Marazzo. Rex Murphy capped the special night with his iconic wit and insight in his keynote speech.

3 thoughts on “JCCF 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award”

  1. I am inspired and proud to be a Canadian who witnesses the courage to act and speak for the rights and freedoms which not just laid in eloquently in the Charter of Rights and our Constitution, but was always given to us before Canada was born a country. ZERO groups of asset and property hoarders claiming any kind of superiority, financial, technological, political or medical have the position to usurp or prevent these GOD GIVEN Rights… and No matter how they try to put in new laws or enforce people to change their religious beliefs or genders, GOD COMES FIRST… UNIVERSAL LAWS SUPERCEDE ALL MANMADE Laws. Anyone BREAKING the laws that were created to preserve and protect the health and safety of the people are CRIMINALS who MUST BE INDICTED, ARRESTED AND SENTENCED APPROPRIATELY. People have been MURDERED AND DISABLED by these Vaccines they were mandating, and that means a whole lot of them must go to jail!! Or WORSE! Canadians cannot experience True Freedom if they are too passive to do WHAT IS RIGHT AND JUST!! Otherwise Tyrants Rule!

  2. Thank you to everyone of the freedom fighters that have worked hard and sacrificed.
    I feel there are 10 million of us….
    If we keep working, every little thing counts, we will survive to make this a better place.
    May you all enjoy your Canada Day to the fullest.

  3. Thank you all for your hard work and bravery.
    Congratulations to Tamara Lich!
    This evil global tyranny has to stop and we, who are awake, cannot give up in trying to wake up
    the majority who ate still asleep, and do not see
    (or don’t want to see) what’s going on.

    God help us all!

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