[INTERVIEW] We Can’t Let Them Sweep This Under the Rug -Trish Wood, Journalist

The “unchallenged science” of Covid has caused unprecedented harms and created “the biggest public policy debacle in modern times,” says award-winning journalist Trish Wood of the Trish Wood Is Critical podcast. “This is bigger than Vietnam.”

Join us as the former Fifth Estate journalist shares her insights on many of those culpable, from Trudeau, Fauci, Bourla to captured public health institutions and the legacy media, and how “we’ve gotta hold them to account.”

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1 thought on “[INTERVIEW] We Can’t Let Them Sweep This Under the Rug -Trish Wood, Journalist”

  1. Trish Wood, I agree with everything you said and I honour and thank you for what you’re doing, it takes a lot of courage. Although, I seriously think that as a real reporter you should do more researches on the vaccine issue. These vaccines or any others are NOT safe to say the least. Remember that we have been totally brainwashed on this vaccine agenda from way back since the beginning of this century. Why do you think they have to defend it as if their lives depends on it. The so called Spanish flue WAS caused by the soldiers who received the vaccines and were infecting millions when they came back from the war. These vaccines contain deadly parasites attacking the lungs. The ones who decided NOT to get vaccinated were not sick at all. It’s a huge moneymaker and no one will argue this. Where there’s trillions involved there’s inevitable corruption. It’s also a depopulation program….

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