[INTERVIEW] Trudeau Lied Under Oath, Eva Chipiuk Responds

Eva Chipiuk’s question to Justin Trudeau led to viral videos shooting around the world, as her questioning at the Emergencies Act Inquiry led to Justin Trudeau saying he never called the unvaccinated names, that is, the prime minister of Canada lying under oath for the world to see. For her efforts, Chipiuk exposed a hypocritical world leader, who shamelessly divided citizens, and was instantly hailed a hero to many Canadians and a traitor to others.

Join us for this fascinating interview with Chipiuk, Freedom Corp co-counsel, as she tells us how she felt while Trudeau was lying, if the inquiry shifted public opinion and what’s happening in the current policy phase of the inquiry (WATCH Policy Phase live).

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3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Trudeau Lied Under Oath, Eva Chipiuk Responds”

  1. To lie under oath is to commit perjury, an indictable criminal offense punishable by up 14 years in prison. What will come of this? Will the pm be held accountable? If the government is above the law they are meant to uphold, the social contract is broken and any claim to legitimate authority on their part is nullified. Trudeau must go!

  2. JT did not call us names, he called us noms…. remember, some French people don’t understand the definition of English words that they use.

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