[INTERVIEW] Medical Colleges Are Out of Control -Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Michael Alexander

“Be worried. Be very worried,” comes the stern warning from Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, pathologist, on the state of medicine in Canada.

As medical colleges across the country continue to investigate and suspend ethical doctors that did not turn their backs on patients and their right to informed consent and requests (e.g., for vaccine and mask exemptions, effective early treatment, like Ivermectin, and submission of adverse events reports), Michael Alexander, counsel for several affected Canadian doctors, continues to challenge the overreach of the medical colleges, based on policy recommendations and suggestions not grounded in the rule of law, to protect both physicians and patients.

“When [governments] start telling you, doctor, what you can do in that private consulting room, that’s a radical change in medicine,” warns Dr. Hodkinson. A change that has consequences for every Canadian.

VAERS underreporting factor calculated to be 31 using Pfizer’s phase III clinical trial data for severe adverse advents by Dr. Jessica Rose.
Underreporting Factor (URF) of 41 by Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, and Mathew Crawford. Download
CDC data showing about 95% of people who were marked as having died from or with Covid-19 had, on average, 4 additional comorbidities or causes per death…in addition to Covid-19.
Dr. Hodkinson reached out to Michael Alexander, the doctors and Bright Light News after this interview to commend us of the importance of this case for the future of medicine in Canada.

3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Medical Colleges Are Out of Control -Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Michael Alexander”

  1. Two comments.
    #1 the laws are not absent. The laws are not being followed. Ethics are not being followed. Morality is absent.
    #2 refusing medical exemptions is a death/disability sentence in many cases. The patients personal physician and the patient are most aware of the ability of the patient to tolerate these bioweapon shots. We don’t even know 100% what is contained. The worst part is ‘they’ know this.
    Thank you Dr. Hodkinson for your work for what is right.

  2. On the secession of Alberta, if our government track record in Ukraine is any indication of how it responds to efforts of self-determination (caused by subversion or otherwise) Alberta should prepare to defend itself against indiscriminate, indirect, rocket attacks.

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