[INTERVIEW] Harmed by Govts’ Response to Covid? NationalCitizensInquiry.ca -Hon. Preston Manning

Seventy-four percent of Canadians surveyed said they suffered from govt Covid and vaccine mandates across Canada. Due to great demand, the National Citizens’ Inquiry was born: a citizen-led public inquiry into what went wrong, what went right and how future pandemic responses can be better.

Join us, as Preston Manning, Founder of the Reform Party and Leader of the Opposition 1997-2000, explains how people harmed by measures can participate and share their stories in this historic documentation of how govt polices harmed lives. Also, learn how to recommend a commissioner for the inquiry.

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National Citizens’ Inquiry

Preston Manning announces launch of National Citizens’ Inquiry from Parliament Hill (Nov. 2, 2022)

2 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Harmed by Govts’ Response to Covid? NationalCitizensInquiry.ca -Hon. Preston Manning”

  1. Please find a way to give the findings some teeth. I applaud the effort but remain skeptical that actual repercussions will result.

  2. Thank you for the interview with Preston Manning. Very interesting and in my view, necessary and informative.
    As an 80+ year old born in Canada great grandmother with a multitude of medical problems, I can honestly say I have never missed voting at an election, be it municipal, provincial or federal.
    In recent years I am finding that voter apathy is one of the biggest problems we have in this country, probably second only to not having an honest politician to vote for.
    How do we overcome voter apathy when our prime minister goes on national television and lies under oath about events during the Freedom Convoy?

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