[INTERVIEW] Fabricated Global Crises Are Provoking Centralized Global Control -Nick Hudson, PANDA

(Brussels, Belgium) Nick Hudson, Chairman of PanData, discusses “the deeply disturbing” pattern of fabricated global crises, like Covid-19 and the looming climate change “emergency,” that have only global level solutions, or centralized control. In forging new policies to combat continual crises–most of which are based on theoretical models rather than empirical evidence–mechanisms of control are implemented to enshrine suppression of dissent and scientific progress.

Around the world, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs, or digital cash), WHO-desired vaccine passports to travel and individual consumer carbon-footprints are but some of the tools being pushed to exercise control over populations. Lockdowns, experimental mRNA ‘vaccines’ and a govt-controlled system of medicine dictating treatment plans for doctors are being cemented as new norms, despite and contrary to an abundance of scientific data showing harms.

Join us for this intriguing discussion with Hudson into the growing concerns of centralized power at the expense of individual liberties and freedoms.

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