International Covid Summit 3 Presentations -EU Parliament, Brussels

(Brussels | May 3, 2023) Leading international experts share scientific, academic and legal data on the catastrophic harms caused by global Covid mandates and mRNA “vaccine” campaigns at International Covid Summit 3. European Union MEPs Cristian Terhes (Romania), Ivan Sincic (Croatia), Francesca Donato (Italy), Mislav Kolakusic (Croatia) and Christine Anderson (Germany) hosted the historic event.

The presentations are divided into 2 video sessions below.

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First Session:

(00:00:26) Cristian Terhes, MEP Romania
(00:04:33) Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, MEP Croatia
(00:10:37) Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD
(00:13:09) Dr. David Martin, PhD
(00:34:29) Nick Hudson, PANDA
(00:52:08) Ciro Isidoro, Prof. of Pathology
(01:08:29) Giovanni Meledandri, Prof. of Epidemiology
(01:29:35) Dr. Andrea Stramezzi
(01:51:00) Dr. Louis Fouche, Intensivist
(01:59:55) Dr. Philippe Brouqui, Academic Researcher
(02:24:21) Dr. Pierre Kory, Pulmonary & ICU Specialist
(02:43:04) Jason Christoff, Mind Control Specialist
(02:56:28) Dr. Byram Bridle, Vaccinologist & Viral Immunologist
(03:17:24) Dr. Harvey Risch, Epidemiologist

Second Session:

(00:00:00) Francesca Donato, MEP Italy
(00:07:07) Mislav Kolakusic, MEP Croatia
(00:14:50) Christine Anderson, MEP Germany
(00:30:35) Prof. Giuseppe Tritto, Global Biomedical Expert
(00:44:19) Dr. Natalia Prego, Family Physician
(00:55:26) Prof. Giovanni Frajese, Endocrinologist
(01:16:16) Dr. Kirk Milhoan, Pediatric Cardiologist
(01:28:17) Dr. Alejandro Diaz, Allergist and Immunologist
(01:39:42) Prof. Emmanuelle Darles, Data Science Researcher
(01:52:07) Prof. Arne Burkhardt, Pathologist
(02:06:32) Dr. Rosanna Chifari, Neurologist
(02:18:51) Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist
(02:37:13) Prof. Vincent Pavan, Mathematician
(02:47:33) Prof. Theo Schetters, Vaccine Development Consultant
(02:58:37) Prof. Herve Seligman, Biomedical Researcher
(03:09:30) Dr. Jessica Rose, Researcher
(03:19:55) Dr. Maria Gutchi, Pharmacotherapeutic Specialist
(03:32:13) Prof. Christian Perrone, Infectious and Tropical Diseases
(03:44:00) Dr. Amine Umlil, Pharmacist
(03:52:08) Renate Holzeisen, Lawyer
(03:59:22) Dr. Meryl Nass, Physician and Researcher
(04:04:38) Dr. Kat Lindley, Family Physician
(04:08:09) Dr. Robert Malone, Genetic Vaccine Inventor

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