International Experts to Speak in EU Parliament on Covid Response and mRNA ‘Vaccines’ | ICS3 May 3

For the first time, international experts will be speaking in the European Parliament May 3 to the Covid-19 response and mRNA “vaccines.” An impressive list of 35 speakers have been invited to the International Covid Summit’s hearing, including Drs. Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Ryan Cole, Harvey Risch and Merul Nass, David Martin and Canadian experts, Drs. Byram Bridle, Stephen Malthouse and Jessica Rose.

This breakthrough event, much in the style of Senator Ron Johnson’s roundtable discussions in the US, will help to shine a light on many topics that have impacted the lives of many countries around the world, including negative impacts of the pandemic response, “vaccine” failures and adverse events, and a path forward.

The event will be aired live in 7 languages and is co-hosted by MEPS Cristian Terhes, Ivan Vilibor Sincic, Christine Anderson, Francesca Donato and Mislav Kolakusic.

Bright Light News’ Glen Jung will be making the trip to Brussels to report on the 3 days of events, starting May 2nd with a private strategic event for the experts, May 3’s EU hearing and a public May 4th event to be announced.

All attendees, including Glen Jung, are self-sponsored. If you would like to take part in supporting this historic event, PLEASE DONATE HERE:

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