[INTERVIEW] Court Overturns Mother’s Medical Decision-Making Rights, Children May Be Vaxxed Against Wishes

Attorney Garifalia Milousis joins us to explain a controversial family law case that should be of concern to all Canadians and to help raise funds for the legal defence of the mother in question.

An Ontario court of appeals overturned the rights of a mother to make medical decisions for her children by handing them to the father (names withheld due to publication ban) who wants the children vaccinated against Covid-19 against the wishes of both mother and children.

The appeal court ruling that awarded the father decision-making was based on judicial notice, which left the appeal decision to the discretion of the judge on whether to consider evidentiary evidence on the safety and efficacy of the medical treatment in question, that is, the Covid “vaccine” in this case.

Ms. Milousis explained that with judicial notice, “the judge gets to decide, him or herself, whether there is a decision that is so obvious, so uncontroversial, so well known, [like influenza is caused by a virus], that there’s not a need to prove it.” Thus, without looking at any evidence from outside experts, the appeal judge used the govt’s default position that Covid-19 “vaccines” are “safe and effective” to award medical decision-making for the two children.

Join us for this important interview on the far-reaching consequences on the medical decision-making rights of parents for their children within family courts.


3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Court Overturns Mother’s Medical Decision-Making Rights, Children May Be Vaxxed Against Wishes”

  1. I cannot fathom the ignorance of the father wanting to inject his children against their wills with an experimental agent with a plethora of known harms and unknown longterm effects, and for what?! The shots prevent neither infection nor transmission and children are at zero risk from covid anyway. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. I say from listening to real medical people and not psychopaths that the gene therapy is not safe unless I’m been misinformed, Hope nothing happens to those children as far as any side effects, because the parties that ok’d it will or should be charged or at minimum feel guilty for the rest of their lives and we all should remind them. Sad, all I can say is I’m ashamed of the judicial system and especially the parent has failed as these children probably have more health immunity without the jab unless they are sick “Just sad’

    1. Especially because the children don’t want that.
      “The children want that and we’ve to respect their rights” is an excuse they often make, but only if they want to violate parental rights.

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