Full Speeches – Worldwide Rally for Freedom 4 – Toronto (2021.09.18) *speaker timestamps below

(00:15) Dermot Pomeroy / Jody (gameoncanada.org – action group for kids)
(04:30) Adrienne Gilvasie, Police Officer
(17:00) Erin / Clay – Police Officers (policeonguard.ca)
(23:40) Sam (Empowering the Children) / Rachel (learningpodcanada.ca)
(30:00) Mike J., Ontario Teacher
(35:00) Jane Scharf, Paralegal
(40:45) Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD, Vaccinologist
(45:14) Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer
(52:14) Sarah Choujounian, Nurse (canadianfrontlinenurses.ca)
(53:20) Jess Faraone, RN
(1:04:40) Dr. Emad Guiruis, MD
(1:16:35) Rick Nicholls, MPP (kicked out of Ford caucus for not vaccinating)
(1:28:50) Jim Torma, PPC


6 thoughts on “Full Speeches – Worldwide Rally for Freedom 4 – Toronto (2021.09.18) *speaker timestamps below”

  1. Yuck. What are you protesting? This makes no sense and no social distancing.

    Trudeau has succeeded in staying in power. Looking forward to this government rolling out mandatory vaccinations for all. You DONT have a choice in this. It has to be mandatory because you clearly can’t make your own smart decisions. Bunch of conspiracy theorists watching Rebel Media and Alex Jones. Ezra looks and sounds like Peter Griffin.

    Canada has spoken. Trudeau is the right man for the job once again. The majority of Canadians want mandatory vaccinations and if you dont like it, quit your job and go hide up in the red neck boonies where you belong. The majority of Canadians want this so you can GTFO of Canada if you dont like it. We dont want you.

    1. Hi Roger,
      Please come to Queens Park Nov 20 2021 at noon for the next world wide rally for freedom and you can talk to everyone and learn why we are standing up for Canada.
      We are for the most part not vax’d, not masked, not distanced, not locked up in our homes and NOT dieing after 17 months. We have healthy immune systems. We research, educate and make informed decisions and think for ourselves. We understand Absolute risk reduction vs Relative risk reduction in regards to the covid mRNA gene therapy injections (which are NOT vaccines). We do not want a spike protein in every cell of our bodies and do not want to participate in a Drug trial.
      Educate yourself by going to https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/
      This is the MISsing information that you need.

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