[FULL] Deconstructing the Narrative: Emergencies Act Inquiry & CCP Police in GTA with Danny Bulford, Vincent Gircys, & Bruce Pardy)

[FULL PANEL DISCUSSION] As the Emergencies Act Inquiry continues its probe into the Trudeau govt’s invocation of a national emergency for the peaceful Freedom Convoy and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expand their international police presence in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), former police officers Danny Bulford (RCMP), Vincent Gircys (OPP) and Queen’s Law Professor & Rights Probe Executive Director, Bruce Pardy, break down the merits and impact of the inquiry and discuss their concerns over the CCP having policing powers on Canadian soil.

Don’t miss this powerful panel discussion with these 3 awakened Canadian patriots, immune to the virus of govt propaganda and media lies and at the forefront in the challenge to restore our constitutional rights and democratic freedoms.

9 thoughts on “[FULL] Deconstructing the Narrative: Emergencies Act Inquiry & CCP Police in GTA with Danny Bulford, Vincent Gircys, & Bruce Pardy)”

  1. A horse expert said, “Horses do not trample people unless trained and forced to do so”. Were the horses trained and forced to TRAMPLE people – vs just pushing “gently” the protestors back – disturbing if this is so.

    The “Trampling by horses” ridden by RCPM – used as “Weapons” whereas – the trucks were not used as weapons – they were parked. Comments by Ottawa politicians for the FEDS – in the Inquiry “trucks were weapons” how so? The trucks did not run over and injure people – the RCMP ridden horses did – fact not emotion laden rhetoric.

    Completely agree with the Chinese involvement commentary re being embedded in the country for a great period of time. Test, learn reaction, move forward, do it all over again – push the envelope without people knowing it and use the propaganda machine. Extremely concerned about Chinese presence in GTA as well as the “isolation camps” at Windsor border and the now defunct excuse re the Exec comments about Vaccinated still transmitting the virus and CDC comments – vaccinated/unvaccinated are the same. – so why the isolation camps? Time to move the tax dollars for this, and vaccination elsewhere to restore our economy and people’s lives including Small Business owners – the engine of our economy.

    1. Good comment.
      I thought that about horses also and he verified it.
      The REPTILE BRAIN BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORES shilling for Klausy and Billy are still in charge.
      For now.
      This seems like the SHOW TRIALS of the Stalin Era except they are not EXECUTING us .
      EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE is our job to help with this.
      The amount of COLLABORATERS at every level is what has shocked me.
      I’ve been very awake for decades and didn’t realize how many humans will give up humanity for a paycheck.

      1. The ones that are pussies will do anything for a buck, that’s why they don’t like people who work hard for their pay checks but if enough line their pockets they will be starving one way or another, but at least respectful True honest hard-working Canadians will feed the hungry, but the politicians give them a phone line to MAID, DO WE TOLLERATE THESE SICK PEOPLE

  2. Just an observation, I noticed there was a UN airplane on the tarmac, could these men dressed in black be UN goones and brought their artillery with them including the horses??????

  3. Regarding the horses being used to trample the people, My observations-
    Horses did not look like the regular Canadian Horses used in police work, they looked like a smaller version of a Clydesdale. For the horse breed experts – does anyone know what the breed was?
    The men riding them appeared quite stout (taking into consideration they may be wearing armour under their clothes). Their faces were covered with black scarves, they did not have badge numbers. Anybody know who they really were?

    1. Good observation, I tip my hat to you. Hopefully they get the truth through the courts because this government has no credibility except compulsive liars or either incompetence or maybe accessory to the crime deliberate. I’m starting to have a little more faith in some of the police to, glad they started talking as their oath is starting to show at the top finally. I’m wondering if those lone rangers are foreign horses on foreign actors like someone else, we know, maybe treason is starting to show and every honest person that has their eyes open think the same

  4. I lost respect for the RCMP after witnessing their goon Gestapo tactics against the truckers freedom convoy. I keep seeing sponsored ads on my Facebook page beseeching the public to support the police. To hell with them. They made their bed, they can sleep in it.

  5. Amanda McPherson

    Thanks for standing for the truth. One year ago I was fired for my stand against the covid mandates. I’m a RN. I knew there was a sinister reason for the mandates. Your programs verifies my stand.

  6. Stop supporting UN, WHO, LIBERALS, NDP, main street media and whoever else is corrupted as they show and can’t defend their narrative and stop supporting any govt. that are out of tune because if the judicial system fails the stool will fall over. Thank you, guys, ladies that are our heroes and find the truth, something I can’t find from this government today or going forward

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