[FULL] Bills S-233 & 67: Noble Social Goals or Mainstream Establishment Agendas?

[FULL INTERVIEW] Join us for this interview where Bruce Pardy, Exec. Dir. of Rights Probe and Professor of Law, discusses federal Bill S-233, Universal Basic Income, and Ontario Bill 67, an anti-racism bill, that could be trojan horses for mainstream establishment agendas.

Bill S233 link.
Bill 67 link.

4 thoughts on “[FULL] Bills S-233 & 67: Noble Social Goals or Mainstream Establishment Agendas?”

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  2. Talk about more government control !Just a bigger welfare system producing more parasites of society.Who will pay for this, our debt is already extremely unbelievable. How will this help individual rights and freedoms in any way? We need a lot less , Government help, as that only seems to create more division among Canadians and more problems, I definitely do not support this Bill.

  3. I do not agree with this bill. It is not an incentive for people to find their path. They will become dependent and slaves to the state. It is about control. Pure control. This is definitely an agenda item for a social credit system.

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