From Covid Tyranny to A More Just Society (Full Interview)

Freshly transplanted Ontario physician Dr. Neda Amani, MD, joins us from her new home in Texas where she compares life in free Texas vs. Draconian Ontario and delivers a powerfully unique perspective on the tyranny and corruption of Covid.

On Texas: “The leadership is making decisions based on science…based on human rights principles. They have taken the right stance.”

As a preventative and integrative medicine physician also under investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for speaking against the harms of Covid policies, Dr. Amani explains how people can shift from fear and anxiety created by the coercive vaccine state to one where each person is an empowered architect helping create a just, new world based on humanitarian principles.

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9 thoughts on “From Covid Tyranny to A More Just Society (Full Interview)”

  1. I left canada too and we even just bought land in Costa Rica. Best decision ever.
    Not the canada I grew up in sadly. (I’m 5th generation Canadian)

  2. Canada has lost an amazing Doctor. …and I hope her voice will continue to get out. ..we need more Doctor speaking the Truth. ..

  3. Disappointed that this great Doctor left Canada. We need people like her to fight for the truth here. I guess it’s easy for some to just leave than fight.

    1. Well if she stays in Canada, our government will strip her of her job so we kinda can’t blame her for the decision to leave, she’s just a number here. I live in NFLD and Texas sounds pretty good right about now lol

      1. Please go to Texas, we do not need your type here. Enjoy the freedoms you would have under the leadership of the evil Glenn Abbott.

    2. She is not a great doctor, she fits your idea of truth and science. This is why she is under investigation for her lies. Believe what you want but don,t push your views on others. The vaccinated do not stand around on corners espousing our beliefs.

      1. Kindly wake up and stop watching CNN. You Covidian Cult members won’t even listen to Dr Malone, the INVENTOR of the MRNA vaccine among so many others. Doctors, nurses, scientists, firefighters, police etc…. etc… Covid is a psy op to bring in the great reset. It has nothing to do with a virus it’s about control.

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